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  1. eddyshea

    Car buying experience with ROY

    Join the SV Club!!! Roy is impeccable!!!!!!
  2. eddyshea

    Go buy a gun

    More than half of Americans nowadays heavily depend on government subsidies directly or indirectly. They will vote for Democrat ticket no matter who that person is eventually. Yes, major and massive gun control legislature is coming.
  3. eddyshea

    Lamborghini Club America just launched the new website!

    Does the Life member CF badge come with calendar, etc. or it is separate shipping??
  4. eddyshea

    Title jumping

    I am in a process of buying a 1968 car. The present owner parks that car as a garage queen for more than 7 years and has title in hand. However; he does not register the car with his name at DMV over the years and the car title is still under his previous owner who owned for more than 20 years. That previous owner already signed to release the interest of the vehicle to the present owner. As a buyer, what kinds of measure I shall do to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership at DMV? Is it even legal to skip the ownership registration in California?? Thx for ur input in advance! Eddy
  5. eddyshea

    Aventador LP 800-4 SuperVeloce

    Also so disappointed!! That car ( minor tweak of hp, body kit, horrible spoiler, new sticker, unlimited production numbers, etc.) does not deserve to be called SV version. Just another factory sale scheme/strategy to continue the potential buyers' enthusiasm!!!
  6. eddyshea

    Vintage classic car bubble.

    The polarity between Super riches and rest of us is beyond our comprehension. People and trust funds with that kind of money world wide need to find "hard assets" to invest at least to "park" their money to avoid/minize negative impact from world financial uncertainty. Inevitable US default and currency crisis is the best example. Collection cars are one good bet for them!
  7. eddyshea

    One Less Diablo 6.0 in the World

    That one is the only Blue Elly is the Europe! So sad to see her vanishes! Hope the driver or owner is doing fine! There were 6 Blue Elly 6.0s. Right now, three in Japan, two in US. One of the US ones is painted in black with GT kit in 2013!
  8. eddyshea

    MY AWD is better then YOUR AWD..

  9. eddyshea

    Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Italian Trip

    According to the factory email, I am NOT allowed to invite my wife as a guest to attend the Sat evening dinner gala evn though I have already indicated that I plan to attend the whole 5-day event by myself without copilot and I am willing to pay a fee in advance for my wife's attendance!! I do not feel like to go anymore and hesitate to sign up unless my wife is confirmed NOW to be able to attend the last day event!!! A lot of things/rules the organiztion compamy implementing now are just plain sily, rude and ugly!
  10. eddyshea

    Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Italian Trip

    Does anybody have the answers for the following two questions: 1. Besides the copilot, is the driver alllowed to invite his family member(s) even friend(s) to attend Sat night gala? If yes, how much is per person? What is the max numbers of guests I can invite? 2. Are current lambo owners allowed to just attend Sat night diinner without "bring in" cars that evening? If yes, how much is per person?
  11. eddyshea

    Mario Andretti Countach At George Evans

    Allan: Congratulation! You really raise the bar !!!!!!!!!!
  12. eddyshea

    Countach Price CHeck

    If 1. PPI is negative, 2. you really like the car, color combo, etc. 3. plan to keep her for a long long time, $120K is not high at all. There are fewer and fewer mint black/black,cream,tan,red anniversaries in north America out there for sale. Buyers/collectors from emerging counties actually appreciate Anniversario more!
  13. eddyshea

    Pics of the SV

    Epic! and Congratulation!!!!!!! Your Diablo and excellent taste make Lamborghini and owners stand out once again !!!!
  14. eddyshea

    In this company, the Aventador

    There is always distinct styling differences between Muira - CT - Diablo - Murci lines. We may argue all day long which model is the best as far as styling concern. But no one would argue that Lamborghini design team had not tried hard! To me, this new Aventador is just an easy-way-out effot with less costly design scheme to cater motsly BRICK and other rising countries buyers who may not know Lambotghini brand/tradition that well/much and just have the money to buy the latest and the most expensive one!!!! Audi Upper brass and Lambo CEO are smart guys! Aventadors are selling l!!!!!!!!!!!!