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  1. That's why THIS is the best Lambo place on the net.
  2. Was thinking the same thing...... He must still be asleep from cataloging it all night...🙏
  3. Seems really cheap for an SV, unless it has a story...
  4. Man, they are just trying to make a living.....lol
  5. but shouldn't you have owner status?
  6. Well UK had a big win this week! I'm gonna celebrate because we are usually only good for a couple a season..... we are in the SEC, so it's usually isn't pretty (for us)....
  7. Car looks great man! Nice fit and finish on the wheels sets it off
  8. No "on paid leave" yet? Shocking........ pun intended.
  9. lambda lambda lambda and the lambda lambda lambda and the omega mu mu. Prob best money you can spend it that range! Good luck with your search!
  10. Wing on the Murci is TITS!!!!! (wheels look good too)
  11. Just one case? What caliber? I've got plenty stockpiled...lol. ALL of my buddys laughed when I was buying as many cases of .223 back in the day as I could for $189.00...... Now all my beta mags are filled and let's just say I'm good on ammo (who's laughing now)!!!!
  12. I appreciate the info! I've been to a couple HK shoots, but never that one. I pass the exit for it weekly when I am going to check on a couple of my stores. I might try to actually make it out there this year.
  13. Car turned out amazing as usual. Great work!
  14. Congrats on going against the masses and coming out with a win! I love that sh*t! :eusa_clap:
  15. Bitch of it is, not $1 of the taxpayer money will come from those doing the looting and rioting....
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