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  1. looks great. the only huracan i would buy
  2. Im pretty sure the size and offset is not compatible.
  3. diy fix of interest: http://www.lamboweb.com/Repairs_Section/Ga...rs_Gas_Fill.htm
  4. pretty common issue with the pump thinking its full. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt and you have to hold trigger half way
  5. congrats those are awesome cars. i bought a 2013 C63 P31 to DD as well.
  6. awesome build. will probably follow your footsteps soon too with a 240z project.
  7. excell auto sport and service http://excellautosps.com/
  8. figured time to get my title too. 06 gallardo 6 speed manual
  9. do you have gallardo SL style CF diffuser for 04-08?
  10. i really enjoyed my R8 and although im in the market for a gallardo now, i could see myself in another r8 in the future.
  11. new c63 is reversed just like that. im guessing if its a new CLS then other new AMG models followed suit
  12. thats what i figured. thanks
  13. I know 06 had several updates including shorter 1st and 2nd gear ratios, but I have heard gearing in 06 is same as 05 for manual cars and only egear was changed. True or false?
  14. I have an R8 (V8) and think its a great segue into a Gallardo. It's not the fastest, nor does it have the presence, but it's an enjoyable everyday friendly car with much better creature comforts. If I'm spending $100k on an exotic, I'd much rather spend it on a a Gallardo instead of a R8 V10 just for the "lambo" factor. So I'm now selling my R8 (my R8 for sale thread)to find a 6 speed Gallardo.
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