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  1. abunawafff

    LM002 video

    how is the diffrence..???
  2. abunawafff

    Update on GT project - pics

    what ever happened to the other 2 diablo's with the gt kitt.. one yellow was an sv the other a 6.0
  3. abunawafff

    Does anyone remember the U,K company

    i bought some parts from them ages ago... they are on aol. cant remember the name, but the are hard to get hold of by e mail or phone unless u call them from the uk... but i dont remember they did the wing.
  4. abunawafff

    6.0 tips looking

    they can go on them.. i have a set on my diablo with the gt bumper... i rememb er sp had a bunch for sale
  5. abunawafff

    Heat shield for the Diablo

    were do you want to use it.. on the bumper?
  6. abunawafff

    Sv roadster

    im sure of only 2... the orange one in turky and a blue and baij one in england with a gt front bumper on it.....
  7. abunawafff

    Arnage T interior..

    personaly i dont know why people get the arnage T with the basic interior.. i mean with out the metal dash or cf dash and door peices...ive seen allot of T's ordered with basic R interior...without the emroidered and diamond quilted seats.. that just wrong.. i mean it is the sporty arnage... i like the one with maple and plack nice contrast...now if it were sadel and mapel that would be cooler, or ever brown.. dont like the one with the piano black basic dash.. just my 2 cents.
  8. abunawafff

    FS: Anniversary Countach

    way more than it was worth.. and it had some major issues like the odo had been scewed with ..and more
  9. abunawafff

    FS: Anniversary Countach

    is this the one that was at domani?
  10. abunawafff

    LM002 on Gold Rush Rally 2009

    ryan is that the g convertable you were telling me about?? the v12 car?? i would love to see more pics of it, if you have them... i found a white one and im going to pull the trigger
  11. abunawafff

    Bentley Reliability ???

    the gt and the flying spur are prety reliable.. seeing as they are based on the VW pheaton.. good daily drivers... mt self i own a arnage and thats anouther story.. the arnages are good as long as they dont sit, the more you use them the better they are.... my car is the arnage T, but i have family member who has the others and use them as they would a merc or bmw..
  12. abunawafff

    LM002 pickup version

    new question.. my lm is a 86 car, and main problem with these cars is the gas tank is under the rear seat.. and the lm's usualy reak of gass smell... in the america versions the tank was moved out into the rear outdoor seating area.... so in short i wonder were they put the tank in this car?? and im sure its not as big as the one in the normal lms
  13. abunawafff

    LM002 pickup version

    im still sticking with there is only one out there..
  14. abunawafff

    LM002 pickup version

    any one have a link to the silver one for sale?? this car wasnt modified by lambo fro the sultan.. a second party did it for him.. the sultan specificaly had the care with some mercedes interior stuff like the seats done for his car..
  15. abunawafff

    LM002 pickup version

    those are all the same wagon car.. the brunei car...the color was changed .. i know for a fact there isnt one in the middle east... there are a few with there tops chopped of localy done.. for hunting reasons. but most if not all have rotted away by now...