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  1. murph660207


    Found this little nugget in the latest TopGear magazine...
  2. A couple more teasers from TopGear Spain...
  3. I found these while out checking out instagram... sorry it is a repost for post in the General Section by a007apl.
  4. Found this out cruising the web...
  5. FYI... LamboBoston posted on FB that they are in Italy for the previews of the Urus, Huracan Performante and Aventador S. Hopefully, we will get more info and see the finished products soon.
  6. Found these pictures on FLICKR... SV Version? Notice the new cooling/iintakes. Thanks
  7. Found these on Flickr. Credit goes to the photographer. Nice color!
  8. There was a Matte Black one out there. Believe it came into the states via one of the Lambo dealers in Chicago. Went to Lambo Miami then ended up in a dealer in Texas. Sold out of there. I downloaded some pics. Here is a good one of the hatch.
  9. Found this on Flickr. Credit goes to the photographer.
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