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  1. Anyone knowing about a 1999 VT Roadster brake disc 355 x 32 ?
  2. Can i ask ? Do i understand correctly, the Girodisc disc doesn't fit the original hat ? But the Giro hat+disc DO fit ??? Then why does it show no compatibility with the 1999 Diablo on their website ? Is there any news about this already ? Does somebody know if there is a separate aftermarket disc available, or, does the Girodisc fit a late Diablo ?
  3. CCIE that silver roadster belonged to Dennis Rodman and was heavily totalled. Has been for sale in 2011 for 69k a long long time
  4. Diablos cost about 100.000CHF? Flueck you are nuts That 92 looks more like a kitcar. 'Better' looking than a standard one maybe, everyone knows everything but standard takes a lot away from the value. Call it 100 times Evolution or whatever. Thats not a Diablo anymore. Interior not original. Affolter bodykit etc etc 'Diablos cost 100k' is bullshit. , And prices are certainly not under pressure as you say. Prices are going nuts in Europe. And there is a reason for that.
  5. Really Flück? Showme the ads where to buy ? I want a few.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if the red one is this one
  7. Does it hurt the mechanism or the Diablo in any way? I've heard after some time, the whole mechanism is damaged or deformed because of the higher force of the Murcie struts.
  8. It should be the same on all Diablos, as early ones as well. If you don't see it then remove the seat by removing those 4 Hexagon screws in it. Then lay yourself upside down, down there and take some time to look at it. You should see a Messing/gold coloured switch. Unless some former owner has replaced it by a plastic switch, you should see really this Messing Switch down there. The current flowing through this switch is too high, therefore it is defective so fast. Everytime you hit the brake, there will be a very very small spark inside the switch just when the contacts almost hit eachother. That is why the contacts burn in. If you want to extend the lifetime of your switch, replace your 2 Brakelights for CREE-LED versions, it saves you some 4A of current. Otherwise, I would advise to keep a spare Switch in your car, as driving without Braking lights will cost you severe damage when your friends hit you in the tail.
  9. On 98 / 99 Roadsters IMO use 15mm max. Best trade off between optics, mechanical stress and road performance.
  10. Hello Samuel Europe calling here too .. also late 99 Roadster with possibly short ratio, caled 'sport gear' option. I will check my number on it later, I wouldalso like to know more of it. It seems to what I've heard, that sometimes custom ratios were built, not only 2 types of ratios. I will come back here later if I find more info Peter
  11. I am new here. hello to everyone. Hello gtrm3 -> what I always do in wintertime (north Europe) is before start, I put 2 simple blowing-heaters on top of the block for 30 minutes. The aluminium block is then fine pre-heated for preventing some wear. The gearbox is then definately still cold so maybe you are right, heat the whole garage would be an option. Currently i keep it always +5Chigher than outside temp, and humidity By the way about this thread; there is an additive called nanovit that could be used to smooth the gears. In the US maybe compatible product brands are available ? more about oil .. of coarse "bob is the oil guy website" and read this --> http://www.nordicgroup.us/oil.htm bye bye, Peter
  12. and I forgot to write that all these high quality mods are pretty useless without adding a second battery+supercap near the audio amplifier chain. the existing wiring is just too small, and you don't want to load your other 12V circuitry too much with the load of the audio system.
  13. then you simply had the wrong stereo. You can blast your ears with a powerful stereo, and it will blow your Larini away.. but you must replace all the Diablo speakers for other ones. And the wrong designed SUBwoofer as well .. I am new here .. hello to all ! Peter
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