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  1. You are right about manual lp640s, based on this thread over at F chat http://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/lamborghi...al-gearbox.html i didn't realize how low the production run was on manual LP cars. This would make manual lp640s more rare than an Egear SV. With only 3 Manual SVs ever made, its apparent why they are worth so much.
  2. IMO, in this order, the cars will appreciate sooner than later. Obviously a Manual Murci SV is a unicorn and is probably already worth 7 figures. I'm positive Roy Cats would be the one to talk to on this subject. He currently has a manual lp640, and a Murci SV in his inventory. He also has a Manual Murci SV thats not for sale. 1.) Murcielago SV Manual 2.) Murcielago SV Egear 3.) LP640 Manual 4.) 02-06 Manual 5.) LP640 Egear 6.) 04-06 Egear
  3. I have been doing a ton of research on carbon fiber in general. Carbon Fiber is here to stay. As demand grows the cost will reduce. Almost all major companies in the automotive industry are trying to go this route for several different reasons. Weight, strength and MPG being the most important factor. IMO I think carbon fiber will be in almost every automobile in the next 10 years, the only restriction as of right now is cost. Historically prices of prepreg carbon fiber is getting cheaper year over year, so its just a matter of time.
  4. never understood this... going that fast with no safety at all, so many novice drivers, no regulations... saw a video of the crowd earlier so close to the top end at this event...I really enjoy this half mile stuff but its just a recipe for disaster. Its like they are waiting for something to go wrong before they add rules lol.
  5. as stated earlier my Viper will be out there...cutting it close but its coming along nice! Spring TI will be sick.. Way to many cars making over 2000whp, def. a TI to watch!
  6. I think the car was owned by a guy who owns a dealership out of Houston... Unless he sold it... Met the guy at Tx2k this year. Seemed like a nice guy... From my understanding the car was already in a prior accident.
  7. binged watch the whole first season this weekend.. def. worth watching!
  8. VENOMIZ, please PM the sellers details. Thank you
  9. Venomiz, I just got off the phone with the dealer. supposedly the windshield is cracked which is why they increased the "asking price" to $149k. the dealer said the seller is not willing to go a dime below $140k without fixing the windshield. He was willing to give me the number to the owner but don't want to speak with him if that is truly the case, can you confirm this? Thanks
  10. i am interested in the car, just curious why the owner would increase the price if he's motivated to sell?
  11. what kind of tiles are in your garage? no issues with cracking/ stains etc.? your garage and kitchen look badass btw!
  12. interestingly the car just went from $135k buy it now to $149k buy it now.
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