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  1. If the car would have had one solid color it would have worked very well. Did you guys see his Diablo 6.0? thats another one thats been forsale for sometime now along with this particular Diablo.
  2. Throw some Dub's on it. you'll be the badest balla on the road.
  3. What happened to your 355?. Trade bait?.
  4. It looks very good in red.
  5. Well not everybody wants a new Elise or SRT-10. Me personally id rather have something a little diffrent than what somebody else is likely to have. Yeah sure you might see a Viper, Plastic mess-06 or an Elise and the chances are you'll see them again driving. Now if you see like an Ultima, GTM or a K1 attack the chances are you'll never see one of those again unless you go to a kitcar show. The pride in building a kit is second to non and they are alot fun to build, I like the fact that I can build it anyway I want it to be. Plus this car is one hell of a performer for the dollar.
  6. Hmm nice Iam thinking about getting one of those or an Ultima GTR.
  7. Lets wait and see the finished product first.
  8. I don't like it because of the powerplant and the doors. Other than that the qualtily is outstanding.
  9. Theres a white SLR over at Peterson. the guy also owns a Jag Xj220, an Aston Martin and an F430. Maybe not an special edition but its white.
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