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Chop, chop off goes the top!

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I'll try to get some cool shots taken this week. Plenty of scenic spots in Malibu for that :).


Kept the coupe in Chicago. Was actually going to ship it out but decided at the last moment to just get a roadster out here instead. So the two cars are probably not really going to meet. The roadster doesn't make as much sense in Chicago and the garage out here is full.


Re: Startup School. Haha. You can't seem to hide anywhere on the internet any more ;)


Damn DH, cool as hell to have you here!!


Enjoy the toys in great health!


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if you are who i think you are, i saw a video of a speech you gave at startup school 08 and it really motivated me.


thanks to you and several others on this forum im learning RoR in my free time.


enjoy in good health!


I know the vid you're on about. Just re-watched. Excellent lecture, good fun and already got me thinking about a few things. Thanks DHH

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