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  1. Irvin

    Urus encounter

    I haven't been on here in a long time, so I figured I would start off by sharing a picture I was out riding this past weekend and a Urus pulled up next to me. I really love what Lamborghini did to the Urus and I think this is one of its best angels. That's all
  2. Irvin

    SV x 2

    Congratulations on an incredible collection! That garage picture really shows off the sheer size of that garage!
  3. Awesome picture and an incredible collection! Congrats on your success!
  4. Just come back to Orlando and be done with it Seriously though, it depends on so many things and personal preferences. I love this area with young kids and I don't see myself moving anytime soon. West Orlando That is one of the reasons I did not want to live in North Orlando but it depends on where you work and your work hours. If you're part of the rush hour crowd, then stay far away from the I4. I live in an area where I hardly ever need to get on the I4 and it's great. Yes, I4 Ultimate is the project to widen the road and I hope it will resolve a lot of the is
  5. Irvin

    URUS ready

  6. If you can't find an exact match, it might be an option to wrap it with clear vinyl and paint the vinyl?
  7. That's cute I haven't seen any gators in my house but see them in and around lakes all the time. We had a call from my sons' school that there was a gator roaming around the fence by the playground and that it was being removed.
  8. Irvin

    LP 640 egear

    Excellent write up! Thanks for sharing and congrats once again!
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