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A huuuuuuuuge shoutout to Rolex USA NYC


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And especially JOANNE RUSSO in customer service!




So a little back ground...


I decided to get my Gold Submariner serviced. I LOVE THIS WATCH! but I also love to body surf and swim and a few times this summer the safety clasp came undone in the waves and I damned near lost the thing....


Plus I wanted to make sure the gaskets were waterproof so it wouldnt leak.


So I called up the rolex service center in New York give them the serial number, and they send me the info on how to ship it to them. Id sent a couple of other watches to them for service so I was familiar with the procedure and knew they came back looking brand new.



I fill out a "customer service request" form with my name and what I want done to the watch, and on a saturday morning in january, I box it up per their instructions and realize I have ten minutes before the post office closes. So I haul ass down there and just make it... I mail it off registered mail and insured for $34,000. But in his haste to get out of there on a saturday, the mail clerk didnt put my return address on the shipping label. Never even asked for it.



Got home and guess whats on my kitchen island? My "customer service request" sheet... with my name and address on it. I have just shipped a $34,000 watch, in a box, with no indication of who the fcuking thing belongs to...





And worse... Monday is a holiday...





I am NEVER going to see this watch again... EVER!!!



Tuesday I call Rolex, and finally get a hold of Ms. Joanne... She takes my tracking number and the two of us watch this cursed box snake across the eastern seaboard... "Mr. E. Its in Philly!" "Ms. Joanne, Its in queens!"


And when it finally hits the great white way, she personally goes down to the mail room, pulls it off the line, and sticks my info on it. SAVING THE DAY!!!


And giving a level of customer service I can only dream of...



Today I got my watch back and it looks brand new. Especially since I had pretty much thought at one point it was gone forever.





HUGE LamboPower.com props to ROLEX USA NYC...


And especially to Joanne Russo...



And to her bosses? Give her a promotion and big raise!


You guys can't buy advertising like this.



:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

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You can't buy that kinda advertising.....


It's sad that customer service is almost nonexistent to the point that when you do get it, it stops you in your tracks.


Glad to hear it worked out and you got it home safe!




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That's awesome!! Love my Sub... thing is a tank and works with a suit and shorts. Good to see some companies still going above and beyond!! Always love a happy ending

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Which sub do you have, the one with the ceramic bezel or the older one? I assume the older one because you mentioned the clasp. Such a beautiful watch.

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