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  1. What's it like to drive it? Has to feel mindblowing, an actual Lambo SUV again (after the LM).
  2. soup


    Congrats. Love this car! Vanity plates on it?
  3. soup


    Get me a Daytona for 12k.
  4. Mindblowing! Love the EB110 as well.
  5. soup


    I wonder how this will affect the Bentley Bentayga? I wonder if it will lead to overall increased sales since it's all VW. I'm positive A LOT of celebrities and athletes (NBA money - James harden etc.) will buy one.
  6. LOVE it! Never ever get rid of this. It already is special but will definitely be in 10-20 years (depending on the current car market).
  7. What is directly above? Aren't there 'a lot' of these clips and people doing this. I'm not a fan of drones either way. People are flying these near airplanes which is disturbing to say the least.
  8. Congrats! How is it a classic look? The wheels belong to a later model.
  9. Which sub do you have, the one with the ceramic bezel or the older one? I assume the older one because you mentioned the clasp. Such a beautiful watch.
  10. How would you even get out of the car with a normal car? Only suitable for murci's and the likes?
  11. What do you guys mean by BFE (cali)? http://www.christiesrealestate.com/eng/sal...ontecito-ca-usa Wow... Beautiful houses.
  12. Beautiful dogs! I love Shiba's.
  13. Congrats! Put a straight pipe on it.
  14. Amazing! I love the way it sits in the last picture with the black wheels. Congrats on the Chiron as well, I love the way you specced it.
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