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  1. Will_

    My God Was This Funny

    Great thread. I can say as a college student, I'm totally fine with the price of education. If you go about things smartly as I believe I have then there really aren't many barriers. Out of high school I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. I had applied to all my colleges under Mechanical Engineering but frankly was doubting whether or not I even wanted to do that. I considered two options: 1) go to Santa Clara and take out ~25k loans a year, or 2) Go to community college and reevaluate. I chose the latter, decided I wanted to pursue economics, and set myself up to transfer to a UC within 2 years. Community college cost about $2500 a year in total, luckily my father paid for that but I could've paid out of pocket. I transferred to one of the best UCs and thanks to grants and academic scholarship have been able to pay for my education with the money I earned working during the summer. I'm set to graduate on time with about 8k in student debt, might be 12k if I decide to do an extra year to double major. Not bad IMO. I have friends who are already 75k+ in debt and aren't close to graduating, it honestly sucks to watch. Public universities don't need to be any cheaper, anyone that's on top of things could do what I did. At least in terms of going to in-state public schools.
  2. Will_


    Oh my god that car is menacing.
  3. Will_

    458 Prices Going Down

    I imagine the coming 488 and 458 Speciale have let prices fall, 458 is no longer the latest and greatest thing. I'm not really knowledgeable enough to speak on the matter but do you know if 458 Spider prices have fallen as well?
  4. Will_

    Vegas to London Plane on Fire

    Layed down last night in the hotel and turned on the TV to see this the night before I fly out...already don't like flying haha. Scary stuff. Sitting in Nashville International Airport now, hopefully my Southwest flight has no problems. Glad to hear everyone survived though.
  5. Will_

    Its the most wonderful time of the year!

    Down in Tuscaloosa for the week, of course everyone down here thinks Bama is the best team in the world. They looked pretty solid vs Wisconsin. I'm more of a PAC-12 guy though and excited to see Cal beat Grambling State 73-14, I hope they surprise some people this year. They'll go as far as their defense takes them.
  6. That's a pretty big 12 year old...pretty sure that kids like 14 or 15. Anyway I don't think this it too ridiculous, yes 163mph is extremely fast, but on a wide open runway in a McLaren? Seems like the safest way to do it. I karted when I was 9-10. Grew up in a rural area and my dad let me drive (with him in the car obviously) when I was 12/13. Driving comes very easy for some people.
  7. Will_

    Personal watercraft, waverunners

    My friends own some Seadoos, not sure what the model but they hold 3 people, are super safe and stable (still top out at 50 though) and as far as I'm aware have been pretty reliable.
  8. Will_

    The Nürburgring bans factory lap records

    Koenigsegg would be going for road car record so 918...Zonda R isn't road legal...terrible timing though as Koenigsegg was going to be at the 'Ring in a week.
  9. Great time, but I have a feeling PZeros this car ran on might be a lot like the "PZeros" the Huayra used on Top Gear. Car is unusually fast for its power:weight ratio, although that doesn't mean everything. Also, anyone notice how in the video the timer starts at the end of the pits and stops at the beginning of the pits? Not really a full lap...
  10. Will_

    F**K Missed my chance!

    You're telling me you guys haven't all seen their incredible promotional video?! http://youtu.be/jtufdCOIwto Gamechanger.
  11. Will_

    WTF are they doing?

    "Bro lets take our swagged out Gallardo and Range Rover out into the snow so we can post some sick shit to Instagram" "But they still have summer tires on..." "Dude they have 4WD trust me they'll be fine."
  12. Will_

    Super Races Episode LAMBORGHINI

    Every time one of Gustavs videos is posted here all you do is talk about how stupid and awkward he is. What's the point? Yes hes not the best presenter in the world but he puts together more incredible races than anyone. Just skip him talking and enjoy the content.
  13. Will_

    Things that make you say DAMN!

    Lexus tries to fly
  14. I understand the "expensive medical bills" part of asking for $, but then at the end the "put money towards a new car" part lost me. The guy just absolutely wrecked his car and is extremely lucky that neither him nor his friend were hurt, and now they ask to fundraise a car for him??? How about a bus pass and some driving lessons. I feel bad for the guy but its not like he deserves a new car for surviving his mistake.
  15. Will_

    Where's Vlado?

    Yes...I've heard rumours of a coup. Wil try and find article, seems its been deleted since I last read it.