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  2. I bet all of them are in the 7 second range and no it won’t be faster than any of them by much unless you count a couple tenths of a second faster. Basically a driver switch would keep them all very very close to each other for those speeds.
  3. I love this car! It looks absolutely insane now!
  4. It's very possible it's just the earlier cars.
  5. I was at Lamborghini Houston the week before last where they ran my VIN and stated all was up to date. Not sure if this campaign doesn't apply to LP640's but we'll see if they follow up with any thing else. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Yesterday
  7. My 07 LP640 has been one of my most trouble free cars in the 4 years I have owned it. Yesterday stopping at the red light and it turns green and I press the gas and the the car bogs down. No matter how deep I press the gas the RPM actually goes from let’s say 1k to 700rpm. I immediately turn off the car and restart the car drives fine. I thought ok maybe some glitch. No lights or anything. I drove for a good 30 min to my next destination, park the car finish my meeting and get in the car within 2 min of driving same damn thing happens and now check engine light comes on and the car is creeping at 2-3 mph and I pull into a CVS. Quite embarrassed with all the on lookers let the car cool off for a few min and restart the car and now the car drives but it feels like it’s not all normal. I get the car to my friends shop and run a scan and I get P0226 P0227 P1226 And looks like TB issues With the car running I start to disconnect one TB plug one at a time to see change in engine tone etc and at first one one of the TBs didn’t change the sound of engine when I disconnected it but then second time it did After this the car ran perfect The little surging it was doing was gone and took the car for drive and runs perfect Drove the car home which was a good 45 min and never did the again now I am worried taking the car out cause I have no clue what’s happened lol 1) can a bad TB suddenly come to life? 2) was it bad plug connection ? 3) is it something else ? i have tried to search and I get mixed results some posts say the LP640 does not need re-learning and how it self calibrates every 4 seconds and some posts where people discuss needing the LDAS to recalibrate them Any and all inputs would be highly appreciated
  8. What kind of mods on the Porsche? Hows the transmission hold up to repeated launches? Love the Porsche.
  9. Awesome. Ill still take the Countach though!
  10. Last week
  11. Has anyone else been contacted by your dealer about these technical service campaigns? - Cover for the door actuators - Torsion bar bushings and supports for both front and rear of the vehicle - Sunglass box cover mechanism update I was scheduling an alignment for my car, and they told me about these "technical campaigns," not "recalls." The cover for the door actuators and the sunglass box are self explanatory, but if I look at the shop manual there's nothing in the suspension that is called a torsion bar. There is a sway bar in the front and rear that Lamborghini calls a "stabilizer bar." On my 65 E-Type, it has torsion bar front suspension which is a bar that acts like a spring by twisting as the suspension goes up and down. The Murci is definitely not a torsion bar suspension. I already changed the bushings of the stabilizer bar, and tightened the links that were loose. Doing those things solves suspension rattling I had in both the front and rear, so they don't need to be done again. One on my buddies on here also got the call that this work needed to be done. Let us know if you have been told about these campaigns and if you know more about what they are doing with the suspension?
  12. Very common problem for sure, I will have to find my pictures or I will make some new ones to demonstrate how I clean and refurbish switches I come across the buttons are a base white plastic with an automotive black paint, it is then laser etched with and icon to reveal whatever the switch is designed for be it window or door locks etc that is then clear coated to protect the surface from scratches as obviously it would leave white lines exposed when illuminated, it is this clear coat that degrades over time... interestingly from finger oils etc.... I use a different type of clear coat that is stabilized and I also add a light wax afterwards. its a busy week coming up but I will see if I can post more to show the process
  13. I thought for sure there was already a post on this & tried searching by "sticky" & "buttons" but no luck. Anyway, some of the buttons on my LP640 are starting to have a dull sticky surface and I am wondering what others are cleaning their buttons with. I suspect this is common over time because my MBZ SL65 was also getting it. On my MBZ I used some diluted simple green with light rubbing with a micro fiber cloth. I should have done a before & after photo, but here is the after where it cleaned it pretty good and left the white parts intact. I am a bit hesitant to try it on the Lambo but I figure if it worked on the MBZ button sticky buttons then maybe it would do the same with the Lambo. I am still just a bit afraid of the white portion of the Lambo buttons even if it worked on my MBZ. Anyone have luck with DIY cleaners for their buttons? Not sure what that sticky stuff is, maybe some surface coating from the factory that eventually deteriorates over time?
  14. Save the dates! 4-20-19 "Saturday Session" 5-19-19 Sunday for a fundraiser for the nonprofit https://thinktogether.org/ Here are some pics from March 2019
  15. Looks like it's still indexing. Considering the size of our board that might still be occurring through the weekend. Give it a couple of days and I'll go further if it hasn't completed by Monday.
  16. We were in the middle of some major back end updates. It appears a few things have "shifted" per say. trying to sort those out. Are you currently getting those errors?
  17. That's gorgeous! Congratulations it sounds like a fun project, and glad it's working out!
  18. Knowledge is power. haha.. thanks for the info!!
  19. Head over to garagejournal, TONS of build threads there (not just garage related) that will give you some great ideas.
  20. Thank you! Yes there’s so many options. It has done nothing but rain here since the snow ended. The plan is to build about 1K feet off the road so we need some dry weather. Hopefully we can get out there and start staking off where it will be soon!
  21. Congrats on the spread! I dig the farmhouse look! Very warm and inviting, and tons you can do with it.
  22. Congratulations! That is a very pretty house
  23. Thank you and yes I’ve spent the last 2 years trying to find the right property in the area where I wanted to be. During that time I searched the PVA and have been literally knocking on doors to see if anyone would sell. After being told no dozens of times, I finally got a yes! Picked up just under 50 acres of rolling farmland that had been in the family for 2 generations. As far as style and size, I’m not in a position to rival some of the amazing homes shared here, but we have found what we like. Making changes to fit our needs better....colors, room sizes, adding a detached garage and enclosing the open walkway from garage to house and so on. Here are a couple photos.
  24. That was a members car wasn't it? Out of florida (cant think of the screen name) but it was matte black? I get the questions about the wheels, they look....different...but for me...they work. What color is the wrap supposed to be? Almost looks periwinkle. hah. Overall, im a big fan, congrats!
  25. last two days when clicking unread content I am getting the error " The search index is currently processing. Activity stream results may not be complete. " also where is the setting to have posts load the latest reply/page instead of the first page? IE a post with 11 pages, I want it to load the 11th page. Is that an option I just cant find?
  26. I think the angle of the photo which at the rear is showing the upper passenger side engine bonnet profile is adding rear estate making the back end look thicker, also the oversized rims and larger rear tyre profile makes the car seem compressed. Not saying any of it looks bad or wrong, just that the image has illusions built in. But..... i am also curious about the white paint marks under the centres of each wheel... or so they seem to be, coincidence? Or is there an actual reason? ( because I need to just add to the mystery.....is why)
  27. Congratulations on the land! They aren't making more of that lately, so you are ahead of most! What kind of style and architecture do you enjoy? How big are you going? Any must-haves on your list?
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