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  2. Sounds very sad if true! Anyway: https://carbuzz.com/news/lamborghini-revuelto-edges-closer-to-american-arrival
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  4. Is there a way to edit the text? I have few typos.
  5. Hi, I used to be vivid writer and did humorous photoshops (and few quite big favors also) almost daily for this forum when I was 25-30 years young and stupid, passing time at the most boring IT-career and contemplating the horribleness of 8-16 work. I sure had a lot of opinions about things that I had no idea and posted agressively on forums, so at least something has kept unchange, even if I dont come here often. But back then I came for the pictures and stories of Lamborghinis and other exotica, but I stayed because of the quick witted writers and people who were flamingly enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. Also this forum honed my english writing skills immensely. It got me almost a decade to do the right choice and then after that few years to find my real passion and where my talent was. Now I have been design & engineering entrepreneur for 5 years and I can not stop working. I used to hate hate work, now I cant stop loving and doing thinking, design, engineering, and projects. I still think that I intrinsicly hate work, but it is now first sunday of the month that I kept not doing projects, yet I cant stop at least writing about them. I am turning 40 years at the christmas, and I would not be in this happiness of career choice if not at least partly because of you. (Meaning the old members whom I believe still lurk once in a while to the forum.) BTW I am still nowhere near owning Lamborghini. But at least my clownshoe is world’s lightest with most parts being self designed and producted from carbon fiber and 3D printed and machined parts. I am also still poorest of my city by my own words. Because again I hate doing the work when it involves marketing or selling. But regardless trajectory is absolutely right now and I think I am doing 28 hours of desing for every 24 hours in the day. What my normal day has looked nowadays: I am rendering concrete products while some of my 3d printed metal furniture is post processed at the same company that does Hornet fighter Jet engines, I get international sales in automotive performance parts almost daily, mostly to USA. And I am designing at the same time rally car parts and air supply units and designing also the houses, floating homes, utility vehicles, aerodynamic parts etc etc... And I don't have a single clue what I am going to do in 2023, but I know it will be so much. I will constantly evolve and sharpen myself with all the knowledge, craftmanship and technologies that come in future and can be learned. I most propably still wont ever be able to own a Lamborgini, but that is because of the neocommunist regime that Finland has lately become, but lets keep that suck out of this post. But, to cut the TL;DR and finishing with the cliff notes: Thank you Lambo Power members to igniting my passion way back time, from your own passion. I had no mentors, I had no clue, I did not even think work could be fun and motivating. but now I am finally in the helm of my career and mentoring also younger who are similarly lost.
  6. rmtn

    Office chairs

    While you check out Herman Miller Aero, check also ICF Una.
  7. I'll be attending the NYC preview in a few weeks. There's a few rumours floating around like there might not be a roadster and the V12 will have a short production. Not sure if they're true or not but we'll find out soon.
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  9. I pretty much agree with you, I’m interested and have a deposit but not sure I want an early one. And certainly not to a pre defined spec unless that is staying for the whole model run so everyone has to have one. Lambo have also fucked over early owners for almost every car I have bought with oversupply and to people who immediately resell ruining any used market at that level as they are big money now and they make loads so not hard to wait for a new one if you want one. Unless you get the first one or very early I suspect it not going to go well for you. I’m also just not sure on it, it would have to be a mega update and technology to make me really want it and I just can’t see that. I sort of suspect it will be a rehashed parts bin car with a new power chain that may not work that well as it’s still a relatively small production run. Hard times are coming so I can see it being a tough car to resell once past the initial demand of first production year is over. There just isn’t a used market for cars at this level unless it’s a big discount as there are just too many of them now to hold value. Hopefully it will look good, as if it looks amazing straight off I would be a lot keener.
  10. Regrettably, it looks like there isn't much left of this place anymore. Mods aren't posting; Allan isn't posting; Alex (of SPE who techicallly owns this forum)) hasn't posted in years. Anyway... There will be 2 VIP preview sessions in NYC: Dec. 9-11 & Dec. 16-18 respectively. But there's a catch to the invitation: all the invitees/attendees are supposedly have spoken for the new car already. I.e. they had put down deposits for the car. Moreover, they are limited to a preset number of choices on the colours and options. I won't/can't disclose the details but let's just say the choices are not many and, supposedly, no permutations and variants allowed; i.e. you are given n-th number of colours to choose from and each colour is paired with a fixed set of options; no plus or minus and no mix and match. This concept has 2 rationale: 1) given the ongoing supply-chain issues and the dicey global economy, Lamborghini needs to have full control in sourcing parts and materials. Having a fixed number of colurs and parts would facilitate their production process without surprises. 2) marketing technique: this would provide Winkelmann the opportunity to claim that the first batch of production has already been pre-sold/sold out --- a trick that he had used often during his time at Bugatti. I don't know about those who are attending the preview sessions but I am not in a hurry to get one. Remember the first model year of the Aventador? MY2012 has been orphaned as unlike subsequent model years, the 2012 cars' ECU cannot be updated. With hybrid tech, this car is going to be a complicated machine. Highly doubtful that it would be glitch-free from the start. And we all knew they can only build them better and better. If I am getting a car of this caibre, it would be tailored to my specific preferences; not something that's been predetermined and limted by the manufacturer. I would much rather wait and see. TBH, from we have seen so far, I'm not too thrilled about it. It appears the leap from the Murcielago series to the Aventador series is greater than the leap from the Avenatdor series to this new flagship. Styling seems more evolutionary than revolutionary. Hybrid tech already exists on many other supercars. I hope I am wromg but I haven't seen or have gotten hints on any wow factor. Official launch is currently set for March, 2023. And OT: the Huracan Sterrato is being launch in Miami next week.
  11. Yeah it's sad how this forum has died! But I am glad to see you are here still 18th of December seems to be a date where they are doing VIP previews of the car I heard. And it seems they are doing small events in different countries.
  12. The other good news, they still havent run out of the 08 Gallardo SL wheels to use!
  13. Cant wait to see what they come out with, although I have to imagine it will look very similar the Sian or something along those lines as it seems their special editions always hint at the successor. Its also sad that this thread would have 10 pages by now about 7 years ago. With a number of members giving hints who have already seen the car on their private tours.
  14. https://www.carscoops.com/2022/11/lamborghini-aventador-replacement-reveals-8500-rpm-redline-in-new-spy-shots/ Some new spy shots of the car. Now with the dashboard visible!
  15. Great write up! I have too many cars Who wants to take my 2019 White Urus off my hands? NJ
  16. 1973 DeTomaso Pantera, VIN # THPNMT 05080. Previous owner owned car for 40 years, smoothed and painted body color engine bay and all items polished or plated. Car is located in Derby, KS. 67037. Call me at 316-788-5967 for any questions. Asking $132,000. Thank you.
  17. Hey all, picked up my 2015 a week ago. Looking forward to meeting great enthusiasts and talk about these beasts. 12hr trip from IL to VA and car has been nothing short of amazing. Very hapoy with my choice.
  18. Little update for the LP and potentially '05+. This is not a difficult job, but it does suck because of the tight working quarters. The layout of crap in front of the master cylinder is different than the '04 and accessible without removing the wiper motor. I also did not remove the driver's seat. 1. loosen jam nut on master cylinder to pedal attachment - 13mm wrench. 2. remove bolt holding master to pedals - two 13mm wrench. 3. remove lower hydraulic line from master - 11mm wrench. 4. break 2 mounting nuts loose - 3/8" ratchet, 13mm, extensions and u-joint. 5. pull feed hose from top of master - immediately put into large bottle to collect fluid. 6. remove 2 mounting nuts. 7. once brake/clutch fluid reservoir is done draining - remove hose from reservoir. 8. install pedal attachment & hose to new master. 9. install new master and tighten nuts. 10. connect hose to reservoir & lower hydraulic line. 11. connect to pedal. 12. fill with fluid and bleed. Other notables: lots of blue shop towels, brake cleaner, small flashlight - a good one, extendable magnet. Move vacuum lines and electrical connections out of your way.
  19. Any other admins or mods available to help please? There is some Murcielago-specific content I would like to access / contribute to. Thanks in advance...
  20. I know this is old and I mean really old but Shocks can be rebuild (Of course if the motor is dead then no) The Koni Shock repair on the East Coast is (this is actual Koni/Koni Authorized service center not some third party) Performance Shock inc (614) 219-1211 Contact Bill..... Bill is very knowledgeable and very helpful another words he is awesome!!!! Hopefully this helps others as well who land on this page while searching for solution as I was
  21. I have not found a good thread where we can discuss the rumors or info about this new V12 bull. So I started this one. Let's get talking
  22. My Aventador faced the same issue. I fixed it.
  23. COngrats on the new ride. Always nice to see a new post around here with actual pics and such. How are you liking it so far?
  24. Hi @Destructo, any chance you can help me get signed up please?
  25. After all the Lambos I have owned..I thought I'd try something new....2012 MP4-12C with 3K miles. Great car!
  26. Steve at EMC in Az? George Evans in Ohio?
  27. Everyone grew up except Allan! but he looks like he’s having fun from instagram Cars stopped breaking so less need for specialised chat and became more available, leaving the happy band of irregulars we were without a hobby as we have nothing in common with the new breed of owner really. Think its more of a showing off thing now than a liking cars that were hard work & you needed to love to own but with small side of showing off as we were special at the time. They are just not as special now and it attracts a different crowd. old crew was and still is immense, just all spit doing their own thing with no uniting hobby anymore No one wants to publicly share now as it may bite you, we should go private and elite but thats mostly done on WhatsApp groups
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