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  4. We did it guys . From an obscure video game hardware company in 2015 to the largest publicly traded company on the US stock exchange in 9 years and 1 day. I think this means we've won the stock market and that my work here is done. I'll see myself out now.
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  6. I'm wrong again! Nvidia is now the second largest company on the US stock exchange by market cap at over $3.0 TN... that make this a 300 bagger since I first posted about this on 6/17/15. Next stop is the being the largest.... can it get there by the anniversary of that post? This is nutty. $100k held in Nvidia when this was originally brought up would now be worth roughly $30mm.
  7. https://girodisc.com/lamborghini-murcielago-02-04-335mm-rear-rotors/ fitted to my 99 Diablo SV. I've also ordered the front discs as well (early Murci 02-04 discs on 98-01 Diablos)
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  9. @jefflambo this was super helpful. My Murcielago has sat for over 2 years (barely started) as it was in Salt Lake City getting a custom touch. When I received it back yesterday and attempted to turn on the AC I was frustrated that something had happened. Your process above took 30 seconds and everything is working flawlessly now. Appreciate your input and always love these forums for times like this!!! Cheers, Bryan
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  11. Absolutely Horrible. RIP Peter
  12. Peter died today 5/9/2014 aftet a sudden stroke. He leaves behind his mother Margaret, and his beloved son Noah and daughter Shea. He will be missed.
  13. Yeah, lots of great memories here.
  14. Unfortunately we add another to the roster. Kinsella has passed away in the past 24 hours. May he rest in peace.
  15. Demo's arrived at the port a few weeks ago, so dealers should receive their cars sometime this month. Customer cars are expected to arrive in June or July. The NA cars are receiving software updates before being shipped out. My La Prima delivery was confirmed last week for May 30th, so it's getting close.
  16. Hi everyone, From some weeks my Murcielago 2006 it's hard to start after two days, the voltage is around 11 before ignition and it's difficult to start, once the engine has started it's around 13.2-4 The other day in traffic at low engine speed the gearbox light came on and the car from N no longer went into 1st gear, then I let it rest for a few minutes and the gearbox worked again. after a few days on the highway I put the car in neutral in traffic and the car no longer went in 1st gear! (that morning before starting the voltage was 8). after the car stopped on the motorway I had to tow it, the car no longer started even when I connected it to an external cable. the mechanic changed the battery (it was from 2019 and apparently died. The car is still at the mechanic's, today he turned it on to do further checks, as soon as it was turned on, the car started to smell burning, from behind the driver's seat where the fuses are. Result: melted fuse, it melted and doing a test it makes sparks and fire . What do you think it could be? I'm worried . the fuse corresponds to the “secondary air pump “ ? this is the video and attach one photo find in the forum from a car ( not damage ) thank you
  17. Sorry guys... I missed a few days... We're bigger than Google now. I guess Apple is up next. I'd say there is no way that will ever happen, but I've been wrong every single step along the way.
  18. Briefly hit the 4th largest publicly traded US company by market cap this AM and hot on the heels of Google at #3. Good job team. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/02/12/ai-frenzy-puts-nvidia-briefly-ahead-of-amazon-in-market-value.html
  19. Man I used to spend so much time on here in college - I was just thinking recently about where I used to internet before Reddit - it was a lot of different forum sites (most of which have fully disappeared), then places like Jalopnik or Gizmodo - I would shop for stuff on ThinkGeek - all of that seems like its a different era now. I am glad LamboPower is still here, but would def be nice to see more activity again.
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  21. Hope one day I come back and see this place hoping.
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