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  1. Never thought I would say this about the H but damn...looks great!
  2. murcivu

    Starter problem?

    Have you tried Frank over at Raging Bull in Costa Mesa?
  3. murcivu

    LP640 Clear Side Markers

    Never bought it. Wasn't "clear" enough for me.
  4. murcivu

    LP640 Clear Side Markers

    I've asked this very same question before and the closet I've gotten to being "clear" was this...
  5. murcivu

    LP640 side skirt

    Are the side skirts interchangeable between lp and non-lp? I know the lp has the driver side oil cooler, so the scoop is deeper than the base.
  6. Yes...heat gun with long spatula.
  7. Yes, there are torx screws underneath the kick plates. Easy to remove. For LP or non-LP?
  8. murcivu

    Lambo Marketing do it right

    That was awesome!
  9. murcivu

    Took a couple cars out...

    Drool....very nice collection.
  10. murcivu

    Urus, slammed Computer Rendering

    Looks bad ass, but would defeat the purpose of being a SUV.
  11. Without changing the springs, how much will the rate be affected when lowered? I'm looking at installing Swift springs after my wheels come in.
  12. murcivu

    Brand wars / warts

  13. murcivu

    Diablo repairs

    The memories! Thx for the nostalgia.
  14. murcivu

    Happy Birthday Allan!

    HBD! Good time to squeeze in another car as a present.
  15. Have a friend that is looking to upgrade his G spyder for proper scissor doors Please pm me if you know of any that is in good condition and well maintained with lower mileage. TIA.
  16. murcivu

    Any LP640 with good history for sale?

    Appreciate fellas. My friend had already found one. That MB is gorgeous! GLWS Fastlane.
  17. murcivu

    Condensation in headlight

    Is this normal? Should this be a deal breaker?
  18. murcivu

    HP or 675LT

    When summer approaches, I would like to pick-up a Performante or 675LT for a more track focused car. Honestly, I've been through quite a few lambos in my lifetime and would like to try something new. Call me crazy, but I actually like the looks of the LT more than the Perf. I just never take a liking to the design of the Huracan in the first place. The Perf is definitely an improvement in esthetics, but still not 100% there. Still, just hearing about how well it performs, part of me wants to give it a chance. I did test drove the 650s and found it too tamed and the overall sound was rather disappointing. Is the 675 that much better? What would you guys/gals prefer and why? I know...very blessed to have these first world problems.
  19. murcivu

    HP or 675LT

    Want something the Scuderia. Love the steering on that car and the way you feel every pebble on the road, I want that kind of connection. Don't need to be 720s fast, but has to look good!
  20. murcivu

    Condensation in headlight

    That turned out fantastic. I'll have to let my friend know about this post. Not sure if I'll be confident enough to tackle this myself if my lens ever fogs up.
  21. murcivu

    Diablo repairs

    1k miles already? That is so awesome. How is the gas gauge doing? Is it more accurate now? That was one thing I was always unsure of was how much gas was left.
  22. murcivu


    Does anyone have any solid contacts over there aside from Charles? Seems like they are a reputable company, but it's taking them forever to ship. Paid my stuff almost 2 months ago. Keep on getting excuses from typhoon to holidays to regulated wooden crates, import restrictions, etc. I just want my damn product shipped so that I can finish up my car.
  23. murcivu


    WTF?! Only 1 item arrived out of the entire kit. What kind of customer service is this.
  24. murcivu


    Thought it was production and not a one-off. it! Sinister for sure.
  25. murcivu

    Few pics from the other day...

    Love the variety. Thx for sharing.