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  1. Hah! That does look to be my old Perf!
  2. I think you hit the nail in the head. It’s crazy that after selling my MSV, I’d still like to get another ...I think I’m grasping at that visceral rawness you speak of. I have experienced the “faster” cars (such as the Perf) but feel a bit numb by those. I’ll keep looking, but chances are I’ll be back in a MSV....will see.
  3. Hey there, missed everyone and will get back in the game soon. Bummer Monterey didn’t happen this year but hopefully next year we get all the Bulls together again!
  4. Sold my MurcieSV and miss it...want to get back into a V12 Lambo. Honestly looking at another MurcieSV but wouldn’t mind trying an AvSV. Had allocation on SVJ but canceled it due to too many being made. Trying to decide ....
  5. Good move...I also sold my Perf in preparation for an SVJ but released my allocation. If I were to pick, I would get an SV-R as well. I like it raw.
  6. Ok not gay..... good pickup sonny
  7. I agree wholeheartedly with you and Porter. I too was super stoked to be one of the first to receive the SVJ. When I heard 900 I pulled out, delayed to the roadster.....but when that number is told to be high I’ll likely move to an SA or CGT
  8. Providence is one of our favorite SLS hotel has another great tasting called Somni. SLS also has a great brunch Petrossian if you like caviar Melise
  9. But that’s because anyone truly can get the SVJ....no exclusivity, it’ll be sold as a regular production car as Fortis mentioned. 900 coupes is dang near the majority production of Aventadors in a year. There will probably be 100 S’s sold that year.
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