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  1. sanojio

    American Greed

    I was watching this show about a shady car dealer in New Jersey ripping off owners of Bentleys, Lambo's etc to the tune of 18 million. i.e he would steal titles or not pay people for selling their cars. h ttp://www.northjersey.com/news/grand-jury-indicts-fugitive-ex-ramsey-emporio-motor-group-car-dealer-bobby-khan-1.1366001 https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&a...126130881,d.eWE It's a very interesting show about people getting ripped off, not doing their due dillegence. i.e Tom Petters, Scott Rothsstein, all top level 9 and 10 figure fraudsters. One guy called Paul Ceglia sued Zuckerberg for 50% percent of facebook. He was running an online business called Streetfax.com in April 2003 when he entered into an agreement to pay Zuckerberg for programming work. Ceglia claimed that as part of the deal, Zuckerberg promised him at least 50 percent ownership over "The Face Book," which was also referred to as "The Page Book."
  2. I can assure you in GA if you tell him ahead of time, he'll take it and give it back to you upon the conclusion of the stop.
  3. it's really 1-128 billion...still virtually impossible. And buffet owns half the NCAA merchandising and profits from the marketing WHILE making at least 10 million from the premium that is almost guaranteed not to hit...that's a true businessman. Not to mention he is smart enough to buy the person out if someone got to the final four or something.
  4. He SURE has changed...... http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/scott-storch-r...-news.6899.html for the better. Lost a 50K Rolex but ;"I'm not really worried about losing that stuff," Storch said. "Just as long as my family and myself are OK. We went unharmed and nothing's gonna stop the music." He knows what matters now.
  5. There are only six states where you can just be anonymous. No photographs, nothing. Kansas, Maryland, Delaware, Michigan, North Dakota and Ohio. The other 44 states you're SOL. Yet there are loopholes, having a lawyer claim it in a blind trust or have the ticket claimed under a LLC. But state law in Florida, like NY, you MUST appear in public to claim the ticket and no anonymous claiming is allowed. You don't comply, you don't get paid. No exceptions.
  6. Interesting...if no one wins its a billion come sun and there has never been a jackpot over 380$ million that only one ticket won.
  7. Why don't you guys invest the entire principal conservatively nd then live lavishly off the interest? Even Tamara Ecclestone with all the crazy shit she spends on only has spent the "interest from the interest off the trust".
  8. sanojio


    I dated a woman who worked for the state lottery and it is a very interesting gimmick. The lottery only has....anywhere from half to 70% of that money on hand, it takes two weeks to collect it all and they just put it into bonds if you take the annunity. So really it was that or take the money up front minus taxes. It's shocking how many people think the goverment takes half off what's advertised. That's only what you would get after 20-30 years gross. Not to mention, there are wealthy investors and people who make millions paying a lump sum to financially inept winners in exchange for transferring their annunity payment ownership to them. Annunities are ok but most people take the money up front. Where will the lottery be in 20 years? And in any case, the tax rates might continue to hike but you're only getting X every year. Speaking of that... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/28/n..._n_2970103.html Guy already said he was gonna pay rent of everyone on the block, give money to friends and neighbors and "live like El Rey in the DR"
  9. Was this the guy who made a 12$ million fraud with Volkswagen AG?
  10. Yeah it's one sided like a bastard and Cancun was AWESOME if you stay toward the tourist zones. But the violence is out of hand. Even the people are tired and now the vigilantes are rising up... http://www.insightcrime.org/news-briefs/me...ef-after-murder
  11. I know Mr. Brin is pleased.
  12. Despite everything that happened, the LAPD's conduct was fcuking outrageous. By all accounts, the people they shot, it was unprovoked and like a firing squad. Just got out and starting shooting. The Chief had the audacity to say "I'll pay for a new truck". fcuk that, throw those cops in jail!
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