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  1. Tough times don't last, Tough people do. Everything works out in the end. if it hasn't worked out yet, then it's not the end.
  2. sounds like a personal helicopter should do the trick
  3. Amazing specs on both cars! enjoy in great health. in for the chiron leaf pictures
  4. http://gizmodo.com/this-is-probably-why-ha...oday-1788062835 This has affected our business, anyone else? Thoughts?
  5. Sick i8 & Huracan, love the uniqueness and the "grind or die", great reminder! Enjoy it in the best of health
  6. Great choice, King of the road, Enjoy it in great health!
  7. I bought my murcielago with that glued shut, and the dealer told me its normal..
  8. Yes! that would be me, the only yellow murci around here, there is also a matte yellow aventador driving around, so gnarly
  9. Thank you guys for compliments Just started raining, just waiting for a dry day to take her out
  10. Got my murcielago about 5 months ago, and been loving it :icon_super
  11. Thanks guys! I definitely respect the power, and will continue to be as cautious as possible. Considering doing a matte wrap, 640 exhaust tips, well see Yep I had a shop do it and heres the link with more info http://www.safeer.us/?p=239 pretty much they cut a small piece behind the taillights, I highly recommend the mod.
  12. When i was about 16, I was a "broke highschool student", I set a goal to be able to afford a lambo and fast forward 7 years, I just turned 23 and purchased this 2004 murcielago from LAMBO OC/NB. Best feeling ever to make all your dreams become a reality! ( I checked off a few other big goals) its Egear and had about 12k miles on it, now has 16k (in 5 months) ^^ got new rear lp640 tails and LNB/OC exhaust Big thanks to ROY for helping me with the purchase, Nick Jones at OC Lambo, Member Luxeous from the LP family, PHXDIABLO for changing my thinking when i was a teenager, and GBgallardo really motivated me to get a lambo at a young age, too bad he's not around to witness it ;( , and lastly thank you guys for all the advice I got through the years as I needed it p.s. dont mind my instagram pix, I was too lazy to upload full pictures.
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