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  1. ibglobal

    New toy

    Looks amazing!!!
  2. Looks great- what kind of wing is that? Flows really well with the wrapped top.
  3. ibglobal

    RIP Zmydust (Jonathan)

    RIP. Very sad- I was considering getting into another bike but stories like these loom over me.
  4. ibglobal

    Best Ear Buds Ever

    AirPods? Work just fine for me 😂
  5. Do you keep the launch control enabled on the ECU? How would it do at the track or from a stop at that power level?
  6. ibglobal

    Home speakers

    What does everyone use for home automation? Im considering making my place a smart home during remodel. Im looking for something central that will control blinds, lights, thermostats, ect. Suggestions? Im using Sonos and have units all over the house and love the sound and features.
  7. ibglobal

    Garage Make Over with video !

    Looks awesome! Did you hire a contractor to do all this for you or do you have people that specialize in shop/garage type renovations?
  8. ibglobal

    1st used Performante ive seen listed!

    Priced too high....
  9. ibglobal

    Happy New Year

    Happy and healthy New Year everyone!
  10. ibglobal

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    Whats up with Litecoin? Any experts on this?
  11. Just get it in white- timeless and looks good on everything.
  12. ibglobal

    FS: A very nice UGR twin turbo! - Sold

    Perfect! Signed, curb.
  13. ibglobal


    Its the plastic lip that hangs low and scraps everywhere.. Still better then hitting the bottom of the bumper- Im sure you can have it trimmed when lowered a little bit.