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  1. Are these gas charged accumulators? if so can they be recharged as a low gas charge in a hydraulic system with an accumulator will do as gmendoza said.
  2. I love a happy ending, one that costs less than am 18 month old Mini!!!!!!
  3. On the other Lambo site some one suggested looking at the latest vid from (supercars of London) SOL, I just watched a vid he posted in April this year of his green lp640 and if you want f1 scream this is it, not sure what exhaust it is though. Not associated with SOL in anyway but check it out.
  4. I thought at the end of that video as the door opened we were abut to see what you looked like Dan. Car sounds good by the way.
  5. You are right, I was just going to edit but you got to the post first
  6. Thanks Stimpy, was looking to find the exact cross that you supplied. Still a grand US but much better than the lambo or please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors price.
  7. As Stimpy says from a lambo dealer the compressor is stupid expensive $3-5k but if you look around it is a SD7H15 Diavia and is used on many Euro cars ( I found it on Fiats through to Rolls Royce) even seems to be OE on some late 1990's jeep Cherokees. can be purchased for under $200 in the US I think I need a new clutch on my compressor so have been looking but will confirm the fit when I find out
  8. Hi, did you ever find out what was wrong with your AC?

    I changed the fuse behind the drivers seat but that only lasted for 10 or 15 mins and it has now blown again.



  9. So my AC was working for about 5 miles following changing out the fuse behind the seat then stopped again, am going to look at that fuse but now assume it is something else. If it is the clutch on the compressor has anyone got a cross over so I dont get the Lambo tax, also any other things to look at, I know the fan for the radiator works as it comes on when the car is idling and gets hot.
  10. Mine are stuck in the open position but they stick out so much vey are very vulnerable so I think I will make the repair soon.
  11. I think LA-BRIT has a word to describe this guy!!!!!!!!
  12. So the last 3 people (me included) maybe more have needed to change the fuse behind the seat, must be a reason, could it be age related and the compressor clutch is taking more power?
  13. I seem to remember that the exhaust that produced to best FI sound on a murci was the kreissieg but it is expensive. See if you can find some you tube vids.
  14. For sure a 70k mid engine Corvette would be good but my guess is closer to 100k
  15. So what coolant line was it that leaked in the orange Murci? and why so much oil smoke from the G? Your car sounds wicked, are you east or west coast FL?
  16. Its working again. It was the fuse. Thank all for the help.
  17. Freon charge was full so its on to checking fuses and relays tomorrow.
  18. Thanks Digibeam and Stimpy. Stimpy ,evacuating and recharge to the correct weight with dye was what the tech said they would do.
  19. Thanks, I am going to get that checked first as you say but just covering my rear incase.
  20. So my a/c decided to stop blowing cold air today and before I take it in I thought I would check a few things. When I turn it off and on from the eco button I cant hear the compressor clutch engage or disengage so I did a search on here and found a 2 year old thread where JeffLambo said the check the clutch fuse and in that situation it turned out to be correct. The op said the fuse was behind the drivers seat with the clutch relay, anyone care to point me in the correct direction as I thought all the fuses etc were either in the passenger foot well or on the end of the dash? Thanks for any help The car is an 08 LP640 .
  21. All is good. The car changed gear just fine during my trip on the interstate and it was just me forgetting and expecting the old 1990's tech egear to be comparable to my 2018 MB dual clutch or our Porsche 911. Had a hoot driving it though.
  22. I am going to drive it on the interstate to see how it works, it changed gear every time yesterday but seemed to take its time from when the engine (pull the paddle) cut to going to the next gear, no clutch slip though. I want to get it on the interstate where I can put it in sport and do some high rev foot on the floor gear changes. It may be that I have forgotten that it is an old system and no where near as fast and seemless as todays boxes and also I got a new AMG GT a month ago and that changes gear pretty fast with the DCT trans axel. I will report back later.
  23. Thanks for the heads up on this one Stimpy. Although not yet perished though like yours it was well on the way.
  24. So I have not driven my car, (08 LP640 egear with 12k miles) for about 3 months, just took it out and it ran well but I feel that the gear shifts are slow even in sport mode with the throttle pinned. I am seeing no oil leaks but was wondering if anyone had any ideas, internal leak on the egear system? can the system be pressure tested or will it need to be put on the computer for evaluation? Thanks for any input.
  25. Although just a standard GT roadster I use this as a daily and love it, came from an SL550 so not as luxurious but still not bad and my girl friend has not complained.
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