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  1. Did you do it from under the car? I had mine done a year or so ago and they took the trunk lining out and did it from the top. I dont remember them complaining but when I asked them to do it they said good as they have seen them go bad.
  2. yellomurci

    You need a new $4k mirror. LIES!!!!!!

    What other things are connected to that fuse? How easy was the swap using the gruven assemblies? I need to do this to mine asap.
  3. yellomurci

    Mirror adj switch yellow light

    Its to show the mirror heaters are on, should go off after 10 or 15 mins of driving.
  4. yellomurci

    Video: Supercars of London LP640 Project

    Thanks for the clarification, I have a Balloon white Murci and after 10 years need to have the clear bra changed as it is going yellow, fingers crossed please? Do you know why he had it unwrapped ?
  5. yellomurci

    E gear reverse R sticker?

    I had a whole bunch of interior buttons/switches refinished on my Murci including the R button, sticky no more did the job I think. I now have lost the 0.0 button from the instrument cluster and am looking for a replacement for that, anyone?
  6. yellomurci

    Video: Supercars of London LP640 Project

    I am lost. The car was originally black then repainted white then wrapped grey then the grey wrap was removed messing up the clear coat on the white, or did he wrap it grey to cover the bad clear coat?
  7. yellomurci

    Starter problem?

    I bet you managed to knock some crud from the contactors so it is now working, I think it is a pain but I have seen threads about removing the starter with the engine in place.
  8. yellomurci

    Condensation in headlight

    arrg, sorry for your bad luck, I must say I saw your pictures with the tiled floor and thought that looks dangerous, much better to do this sort of thing over a carpet or soft floor. I learned that many years ago when making propotypes and destroying days of work with a stupid slip.
  9. yellomurci

    Starter problem?

    I have read some threads in the past where the murci solenoid gets crap in it and although it clicks as though it is moving it is not fully moving and not making the contact that puts the 12 volts high amp feed to the starter motor, to test the starter you need to jump a feed from the battery straight to the starter terminal, (this will be on the input side of the solenoid) if the starter turns it is most probably a gunked up solenoid. I am not sure if you can remove the solenoid without removing the starter though? A solenoid is really just a relay where a low current feed pulls in a contactor to supply a high current feed.
  10. yellomurci

    Old Video of my Diablo SV

    seen this years ago buy had forgotten how good the SV sounds.
  11. yellomurci

    06 Murcie spoiler

    Something is wrong as the light should not come on at all, it only comes on when a problem is seen. My light comes on sometimes and I need to turn the battery off to reset it, I think I have a problem with the 2 stages as my spoiler sometimes fully extends when I am only going about 60 mph, this seems to be when the dash light comes on.
  12. yellomurci

    Murci Door mirror repairs

    Yes, thanks
  13. yellomurci

    Murci Door mirror repairs

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the thread for repairing Murci door mirrors, think it was titled something like who need new $1000 door mirrors? Thanks as mine seem to be getting loose and temperamental ready to fail.
  14. yellomurci

    New Site

    Yes, I'm pretty sure it is just a stop gap until the new site is ready.
  15. yellomurci

    "Old Man" wont be calling in any expert friends

    RIP, was always a fun part of the show, what did he die of?
  16. yellomurci

    Roaster engine died while driving, won't start

    When you say "tries to turn over but cant" do you mean the starter engages the engine and it moves but not enough to crank or do you mean it seems as the engine is seized? When it died did it come to a stop with the engine turning or did it lock up? would still be best to put a new battery in and try as that has worked on many strange situations in a murcy.
  17. We had some Staffordshire bull terriers in England when we were kids, you are correct, they are loving and loyal dogs to their owners but we had to get rid of ours as they are also very protective of their owners and would become very nasty towards other people or animals if they thought our/ their territory was being invades. It is not worth the liability or worry to own one.
  18. Agree, kind of like having a "tame" big cat. sooner or later it will get pissed or just a little annoyed and take a bite, why put yourself or others in harms way. Also on topic, yes shoot the fuckers that fight dogs or abuse any animal for that matter.
  19. yellomurci

    Things that make you say DAMN!

    I kept waiting for someone to check the guy out and then the video ended, no one even moved fast, just milling around. F'ers
  20. yellomurci

    Anthony Bourdain Won't Be Cooking Dinner Tonight...

    I would agree if you are just pissed off with life at the moment but sometimes mental illness and also prescription drugs can alter your perception of things.
  21. yellomurci

    Why are lap times calculated with car already moving?

    Yes the standing start thing that stig uses is really just for fun as it includes a drag race to the first corner and as we know some really fast cars are not good at drag races and vice versa, its the same thing for qualifying lap times in racing.
  22. yellomurci

    Getting closer... does anyone know BEG4MURC NY?

    Did you buy or find any info? I like the 3 colour interior, very unique.
  23. yellomurci

    Self employed / heath insurance

    Fortis, thanks for the concern, I am anything but broke, (I do drive a lambo and have a nice house in Florida) but am pissed at the situation. After working hard all my life, employing many people, paying gobs of tax and helping as much as I can I get a disease when I should be relaxing and the present state of the nation is telling me "tough shit pay up some more" In all honesty the people who may suffer financially will probably be my heirs and that will be many, many years in the future. I do get good medical attention and although I am light years from joining them I think one of the major causes for bankruptcy in the US are medical bills. I am just using this thread as a rant against a situation that I have no control over and being English in the US find it hard to fathom the same as you probably do being Australian. I feel for the people who may be in the same situation as I am but with just enough money to have a reasonable life and are now facing the reality of loosing their retirement funds and possibly house. Fortis, you always come across as a thoughtful compassionate person and I am sure you do good things in your life.
  24. yellomurci

    Self employed / heath insurance

    This is the real scary part. At the moment the insurance companies are not allowed to discriminate due to pre existing conditions (read cancer) under the Obama era health care rules, this rule is one that the present government is trying to stop. If this is the case I would probably become uninsurable, or have premiums/ deductibles exclusions that in essence make me uninsurable. I paid my insurance for ever and still do, Over the years I paid for 100's of employees, including their wives and kids insurance, I paid and still do pay pay taxes. If things carry on as they seem I probably will end up fucked or broke or both.