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  1. I visited LP and it opened in the new theme automatically. I wanted to compare so clicked and changed to the old theme. I am now on the old theme with no obvious or apparent way of getting back to the new theme Is it a once in a lifetime choice?
  2. I have no issue with those that do but personally I have never bought in to the practice of allowing branding on clothing, footwear, luggage and accesories to speak to my dedication and allegiance to the marque. I let the badge on the bonnet of of my cars do that. I do however have a rarely worn baseball cap generously given to me as a freebee by a main dealer many years ago.
  3. The 6 litre is stunning. I am biased I know, but these cars seem to un-age as the years go by. And yes, I know, there is no such word as un-age
  4. I am the opposite. I like it a lot. It is actually better than I imagined. Seeing it in the real would be the decider. I suspect this colour will not be good for resale value. Saying that, the Diablo 6.0SE in gold seems to command a chunky price.
  5. Now I am confused. I thought the official number stated by the company was 900 SVJ coupe. I was never clear on where the 63 sat in this number. i.e. 837 SVJ + 63 "63" SVJ = 900 total or 900 SVJ + 63 "63" SVJ = 963 total I suppose build number confusion with Lamborghini shouldn't come as a surprise. After all they guarenteed a maximum of 4000 AV. The total number is likely to be in excess of 9,000 and probably closer to 10,000 Based on this I would take any stated build numbers with a pinch of salt.
  6. They all look the same on the inside. Corporate branding diktat imposed by HQ. Not a bad thing. I actually quite like current style theme. I wonder if they impose the same coffee bean and biscotti across all the dealerships? I like the externals of Rancho Mirage. The architecture has character and the lighting is welcoming. I wish them every success.
  7. darth sidious


    Snorkel car! Styling dislikes are easily forgiven.
  8. Got it. Thank you Same / similar as the subscribe feature on the pre Sept 18 forum version? Another point - I am not sure which is the least desirable - good reputation, bad reputation or no reputation. Probably no reputation suggesting a Mr beige or Mr bland personality. Worryingly, I appear to have no reputation.
  9. How do you bookmark topics / threads on here?
  10. Whiteout et alia, I'm now confused. I know you know a lot about these cars. Your post suggests that the window has slipped out of its tracks. Would that be consistent with the clicking sound I hear when I press the window switch? If so would that mean I could open up the door and re-engage the window glass? I sure hope so. Those bloody mechanisms are £800 ( $1100) over here. I am not sure which grommet you are referring to. Do you know the part number? I have attached the eurospares diagram where I usually get parts. I am resigned to having to remove the door card and take it from there. I thought I might replace the strut whist the card was off. I have heard that this can be done more easily without having to replace the ball joint. I suppose I should grease the ball. What type of grease? It seems that every Murcielago I come across the struts have lost efficiency. Replacing with OEM that will eventually deteriorate in the same way doesn't seem sensible. Is there a better non OEM strut that can be recommended? I will check the wing mirror fixings for tightness. Are there any other jobs I should do with the door card off? All advice is appreciated.
  11. As requested. Megadhad video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emqA3IPofBQ In my searches I also found this blog as well:- http://www.safeer.us/how-to-fix-diy-lamborghini-murcielago-window-fell-off-of-its-railtrack/ I also found this Car Guys New England video for changing the struts. I have posted it as the process for door card removal is the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuWdpuSCrzg
  12. I found your video on youtube. Thank you
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