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  1. I could easily prattle on for hours about how this is the most stunning car they have done in a long time. No need. The above says it all. I prefer the tin top version though. Just.
  2. Colour is fairly low down the hierarchy of factors impacting resale value. Condition, mileage, recall campaign history, service records, track and driver style history should all rank higher than colour regarding value. Yellow has always been a popular colour for V12 cars and there will always be buyers. You shouldn't have a problem with a properly sorted car. Even with the less popular colours there is a bum for every seat out there somewhere. Get the colour that you like. You only have to please yourself. No one else matters. When I realised I wanted a Diablo I decided it had to be a 6 litre and pearl yellow (Giallo Orion). Nothing else would do. Of the 26 RHD cars built 5 were pearl yellow. It took me 3 years. Nine years later not once do I regret holding out for what I wanted.
  3. I enjoy your DIY videos. For other enthusiastic amateurs they shine a light on the possible. Identifying potential products is a plus for me. I am ambivalent if you do or don't make a few quid through product promotion. This member appreciates your efforts. Keep it up.
  4. Man Like Mobeen. Mainly a comedy set in modern day Birmingham about an ex drug dealer/ mid level gangster trying to go straight. It's quirky, off the wall and with some poignant moments. Two short seasons available with a third in production. Available on iPlayer and UK Netflix. Not sure about US Netflix I loved it.
  5. I'm signed up to your channel and watched this last night. Very impressive high quality work. This has inspired me to do similar for my Diablo which I have found to bottom out more than my Murcielago. Either the Diablo is lower or the suspension / tyres give different ride hight characteristics on the cars geometry. My completely unscientific bum cheeks meter suggests the Diablo is lower.
  6. Seconded. I am firmly in the SV decal camp. Not having the decal shouldn't even be an option.
  7. Inspirational video. I hit 64 last Monday gone and am about to drop down to working 3 days per week. My globetrotting days are over so I will have the time to do things like this myself. What make of no/low dust ceramic pads are you fitting on the Murcie?
  8. Subscribed just now. Good luck with the channel
  9. I have said it before in this thread - I really like the Sian. For me it is the best looking car Lamborghini have put out in a long time. The recent article and interview with Maurizio Reggiani confirms that the Aventador replacement won't have the super capacitor technology but will be a battery hybrid with dual clutch. This reasoning is solid. Super capacitors give a burst of power yes, but no range. It may well turn out that the Sian will be the only car to have this tech making it even more exclusive and desirable. The LSMS tech is clever but really no more than an elegant application of basic physics. Things heat up and expand, cool and contract. This is essentially how your kettle switches off automatically when it reaches boiling point. For me the clever part is that they have translated this basic law of nature in to a functional enhancement. It was the same with ALA. Basic fluid dynamics physics with pressure being a function of the fluids speed. The clever part was how they came up with a way of applying it to improve the car. Recently Lamborghini have become really good at translating universally known basic laws in to performance and functional benefits. I am really hopeful that they continue down this innovative technology path. This will differentiate them from the rest of the pack. I think / hope the next big leap will come in materials technology with lighter, stronger and stiffer materials. Or memory materials. It wouldn't surprise me to see Lamborghini be the first to use graphene or carbon nano tubes. Wouldn't that be something.
  10. Some cars are better in coupe format. Some are better as roadsters. Some are equally good in either format. Based on coupe photos and roadster renders posted here - I think this particular car is way better as a coupe. I really liked this car on first sight and it just keeps getting better and better the more I view it. I look forward to seeing one in the real. This car has all the makings of a future classic.
  11. Extract from LCUK eBull newsletter :- 8 Sep Supercar Sunday at The Sharnbrook Hotel, 11am The Lamborghini Club UK Hospitality Suite & Ciro Ciampi are proud to host the Legendary Valentino Balboni and we aim to welcome as close to 100 Lamborghini’s to celebrate his career. Ciro has arranged a Lamborghini centred day with prosecco reception in the LCUK hospitality suite for members. Club members should book their free Entry & priority Lamborghini parking using this link. At 3:30pm there will be a presentation with Valentino, 4pm Lamborghini cruise to undisclosed location, 6pm Private members only dinner hosted by Valentino Balboni at The Sharnbrook. To book the Live Italian F1 - 2 Course Buffet at a discounted price of £15 or the members only dinner hosted by Valentino Balboni use this booking link – with password EBULL2019. Spaces for the Valentino dinner is limited so book in advance. I have been going to the Sharnbrook for years. It has become the largest gathering of Lamborghinis in the UK, far surpassing Silverstone in numbers. Last year we were circa 70 cars. I know that there are not that many UK based people on this forum. However if you are UK based and free on Sunday I can recommend it as a great day out with like minded enthusiasts. You don't have to be a LCUK member to attend. There is the added enhancement of Valentino Balboni attending this year. If you want to chat with a fellow Lambo Power member I am easy to find - Balloon Murcie manual roadster. Easy to spot as its the only car in the country that spec.
  12. This car has many interesting styling features. I particularly like:- The air intakes that flow off the roof line The open engine bay that becomes part of the roof / roof that flows in the the haunches of the engine bay The fixed winglets that appear to marry to the deployable wing The sweep from the door to the intakes on the engine compartment haunches The chunky look of the air intakes to the rear of the windows The rear end generally The floating appearance of the rear lights achieved by the contrast black surround The pressure relief vents over the wheel arches. Nice and skinny. This is not new thing but on other cars they are too wide for my taste Not sure / ambivalent : Side profile - OK but not spectacular Front view - Good, all except the bonnet. That is a feature that will have to grow on me over time. meh :- Interior. Nothing much new, different or interesting there. All and all as an exercise in styling there is much more good than ordinary. I expect that many of the good features will be the the basis of design on the AV replacement Technical / performance - I have long since learned that no matter how quick, how technically advanced there will always be something quicker and faster around the corner. Todays latest and greatest is yesterdays news so whats the point in getting too excited.
  13. Black cars are a pig to upkeep in my experience. Yours is the cleanest shiniest black I have seen in a long time. Hats off to you. The bronze plastidip wheels add to what is a superbly presented car.
  14. Not Netflix but Peaky Blinders returns with episode 1 of season 5 airing 9pm Sunday 25 August on BBC1. Available on iPlayer shortly after. Eagerly anticipated.
  15. 2024 -2019 = 5 years. This leaves open the potential for numerous different letter combinations for the variants to fill the years up to 2024. Lamborghini can't rock up to Geneva or Monterey each year without a shiny new variant. Having a bit of fun letter options could be:- SS SSV SSV-J SV-R GT GTR Strangely it could transpire that collectively all the Aventadors with the addition of a letter in the name end up being more numerous than the good old 2011 -2015 LP700
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