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  1. darth sidious

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Mad as a bag of weasels
  2. darth sidious

    The Least Offensive Collezione Yet - Fall/Winter 2019

    I have no issue with those that do but personally I have never bought in to the practice of allowing branding on clothing, footwear, luggage and accesories to speak to my dedication and allegiance to the marque. I let the badge on the bonnet of of my cars do that. I do however have a rarely worn baseball cap generously given to me as a freebee by a main dealer many years ago.
  3. darth sidious

    Four Lamborghinis Up for Auction at BJ Scottsdale 2019

    The 6 litre is stunning. I am biased I know, but these cars seem to un-age as the years go by. And yes, I know, there is no such word as un-age
  4. darth sidious

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I am the opposite. I like it a lot. It is actually better than I imagined. Seeing it in the real would be the decider. I suspect this colour will not be good for resale value. Saying that, the Diablo 6.0SE in gold seems to command a chunky price.
  5. darth sidious

    Lambo Marketing do it right

    Simply wonderful.
  6. darth sidious

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Now I am confused. I thought the official number stated by the company was 900 SVJ coupe. I was never clear on where the 63 sat in this number. i.e. 837 SVJ + 63 "63" SVJ = 900 total or 900 SVJ + 63 "63" SVJ = 963 total I suppose build number confusion with Lamborghini shouldn't come as a surprise. After all they guarenteed a maximum of 4000 AV. The total number is likely to be in excess of 9,000 and probably closer to 10,000 Based on this I would take any stated build numbers with a pinch of salt.
  7. darth sidious

    Lamborghini Day in Japan (HUGE Photo Gallery)

    Now that - is impressive.
  8. darth sidious

    New Southern California Lamborghini Dealership

    They all look the same on the inside. Corporate branding diktat imposed by HQ. Not a bad thing. I actually quite like current style theme. I wonder if they impose the same coffee bean and biscotti across all the dealerships? I like the externals of Rancho Mirage. The architecture has character and the lighting is welcoming. I wish them every success.
  9. darth sidious


    Snorkel car! Styling dislikes are easily forgiven.
  10. darth sidious

    DIY Starter Replacement

    Got it. Thank you Same / similar as the subscribe feature on the pre Sept 18 forum version? Another point - I am not sure which is the least desirable - good reputation, bad reputation or no reputation. Probably no reputation suggesting a Mr beige or Mr bland personality. Worryingly, I appear to have no reputation.
  11. darth sidious

    DIY Starter Replacement

    How do you bookmark topics / threads on here?
  12. darth sidious

    Window not working

    Whiteout et alia, I'm now confused. I know you know a lot about these cars. Your post suggests that the window has slipped out of its tracks. Would that be consistent with the clicking sound I hear when I press the window switch? If so would that mean I could open up the door and re-engage the window glass? I sure hope so. Those bloody mechanisms are £800 ( $1100) over here. I am not sure which grommet you are referring to. Do you know the part number? I have attached the eurospares diagram where I usually get parts. I am resigned to having to remove the door card and take it from there. I thought I might replace the strut whist the card was off. I have heard that this can be done more easily without having to replace the ball joint. I suppose I should grease the ball. What type of grease? It seems that every Murcielago I come across the struts have lost efficiency. Replacing with OEM that will eventually deteriorate in the same way doesn't seem sensible. Is there a better non OEM strut that can be recommended? I will check the wing mirror fixings for tightness. Are there any other jobs I should do with the door card off? All advice is appreciated.
  13. darth sidious

    Window not working

    As requested. Megadhad video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emqA3IPofBQ In my searches I also found this blog as well:- http://www.safeer.us/how-to-fix-diy-lamborghini-murcielago-window-fell-off-of-its-railtrack/ I also found this Car Guys New England video for changing the struts. I have posted it as the process for door card removal is the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuWdpuSCrzg
  14. darth sidious

    Window not working

    I found your video on youtube. Thank you
  15. darth sidious

    Window not working

    The window is stuck in the down position. When I press the consul switch I hear a clicking in the window. Does anyone have any suggestions what this might be? The other window works fine. This problem occurred when the spring in the bayonet on my speed detector broke whilst it was plugged in to the cigar socket. This caused the car to think the bayonet was an actual cigar lighter and it heated up. This caused circuit overload. This takes out the radio, cigar socket and some other dash functions. I pulled the fuse in the box on the side of the dashboard. It was OK. So I went in to the fusebox behind the footwell plate and found the blown fuse. Once the fuse was replaced the radio, cigar socket etc worked again. The problem with the window happened at exactly the same time so a logical conclusion is that the two issues are related. I can't imagine why they are related particularly as the replacement fuse fixed the radio/ cigar socket problem but not the window. And yes, I pulled and checked every fuse when I was in the two fuseboxes. I am dreading taking the door card off so any help or ideas are much appreciated before I go down that torturous route.