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  1. That end up looking rather american than italian quite GTA-esque too
  2. i'm not a big fan of those mustaches...most of the aftermarket bodykits have them too, and they ruin the original design IMO.
  3. it's officially called SVJ https://www.instagram.com/p/BldN0YKH8Aj/?ut...g_web_copy_link
  4. wasn't it supposed to be called SV-J? i see S-J here
  5. Thank you so much Thank you Fortis
  6. Used SketchBook for iphone to draw this one.
  7. Thank you...me too! 😃 Thank you so much, I’m flattered 🙂🙏🏻 That’s nice of you...thanks ☺️🙏🏻
  8. Thought i might share some of my lambo sketches here. I’ve drawn them using SketchClub for iPhone. Hope you enjoy!
  9. sAmAn

    New one-off coming

    Exactly how I feel about the design. Mitja earned my respect...great job
  10. sAmAn

    New one-off coming

    Posted by lambo designers (Mitja Borkert and Facundo Elias) on instagram.
  11. wonder why Estoque is no more on display
  12. i can see side intakes of SV, no wing, and no center lock wheels. move on to 9:40:
  13. This car in some ways reminds me of the all mighty Alfa Rome Carabo...just did a quick pshop to see how it looks in that theme!
  14. sAmAn

    Aventador SV

    IMO SV badge completes any SV! But i'm afraid even that tiny side decal won't suit Aventador SV at all It makes the car look too messy at that corner
  15. sAmAn

    Aventador SV

    Aventador S ? like miura, islero, and jarama "S" variants! maybe!
  16. no wing...please she looks incredible already...IMO 6.0 looks evil without a wing for the wheels, smokey steel or titanium look is OK...or leave it as it is BTW, congrats on your purchase...that Diablo is amazing
  17. Canto + Aventador = Cantontador !
  18. reminds me of these two !!
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