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  1. Andrew R.

    Official Shitty Lamborghini Kit Car and Replica Thread

    This one is for sale.
  2. Andrew R.

    Lamborghini 350GT V12 on Jay Leno's Garage

    Thanks for the post Dave, and for always being so supportive of Lamborghini friends!
  3. Andrew R.

    Official Shitty Lamborghini Kit Car and Replica Thread

    Aventador trike anyone?
  4. A great time, 34 Lamborghinis in total made the trip and parked together! A generous club member let me use his Balboni Gallardo for the weekend. The Automobili Lamborghini suite was awesome!
  5. A few videos from 2018! The Saturday evening Lamborghini Club America party: Serata Italiana. Lamborghini DNA comes to life at the Lamborghini Club America party: Serata Italiana. Andrew & Jay talking about the Espada. The Lamborghini Lounge.
  6. Andrew R.

    Drove the Urus Today

    +1 the Urus is awesome to drive!
  7. Andrew R.

    Urus is unbelievable!

    Congrats!!! I drove one a week ago... also love it!!!
  8. Andrew R.

    2018 Quail Lodge L Power Meet Up

    If anyone is looking for Quail tickets, the Italian Stampede has 4 available for sale. Email the event organizer: [email protected]
  9. Awesome, look forward to seeing you guys there! ** Also, if anyone needs detailing, the Italian Stampede has a detailer that will be working out of the garage at the Hilton Thursday, Friday, and perhaps Saturday. Call him direct to make arrangements: M Car Wash 503-234-3900
  10. Friends coming to Monterey... the Thursday evening "Welcome to Monterey Party" is a great time, and perfect for catching up with everyone once you arrive in town! Roy and MANY other LP'ers will be in attendance! More information and tickets on the event website: Here are a couple pics from the start of the event last year when guests were just starting to arrive:
  11. Yup, open bar.... and all sorts of food. I don't remember the selection, but it's always good!
  12. Andrew R.

    New Owner

    Congrats, love the color!!!!!!
  13. Andrew R.

    2018 Quail Lodge L Power Meet Up

    I will be there.... headed up from Los Angeles in an LM002 on the Italian Stampede! The question is... what is Roy driving on the Stampede?!?
  14. Andrew R.

    2018 Quail Lodge L Power Meet Up

    The guy that invited you to show your car must be a nice guy.....
  15. Andrew R.

    Car lifts again..

    Spend the money and buy a quality american made lift if possible... most of the asian made ones are total POS. (speaking from experience!!!)
  16. Andrew R.

    Picked up a new toy

    Congrats... I am sure that beast will be fun on the road!
  17. Andrew R.

    2018 Monterey Car Week, anyone going?

    Who's is going this year? It should be a fun year.. I think that Lamborghini has something new to show, and at the Quail we will be celebrating 50 years of the Espada and Islero! Here is the Lamborghini Club America's Guide to Monterey Car Week. And of course, the Lamborghini Club America party on Saturday evening: Serata Italiana. Hotels are always a challenge, but we still have a few rooms left at the Monterey Hilton. *** Please note, Monterey Car Week is one week later than usual this year.
  18. Bill Dayton, Chrysler designer that finished the Diablo passed away March 2nd 2018. (Sad news that I recently heard from his widow.) Bill Dayton moved to Italy on assignment from Chrysler in 1989 to finish/revise the Diablo design. (Chrysler was not happy with the Gandini design, and felt that it needed changes - the Diablo we have is what resulted.) Bill was a kind gentlemen, and lived local to me in Michigan. I was fortunate enough to meet him at a car event in Michigan where I had my Diablo entered, he walked up quietly and pointed out a couple features, and commented... I remember designing that in the late 80's. (Of course I thought he was talking non-sense until he told me a little more!) May his soul rest in peace.
  19. I do not mind small mods, but I always keep the original parts. Extremely modded cars can be fun, but if that is your thing... get a GTR, not a Lamborghini!
  20. Andrew R.

    2018 Monterey Car Week, anyone going?

    Less than 10 tickets left for the Lambo Club Saturday night Gala in Monterey, Serata Italiana.
  21. Andrew R.

    2018 Monterey Car Week, anyone going?

    The Monterey Car Week is going to be busy this year....!
  22. Andrew R.

    Aventador or Hurican ?

    Depends on your amount of driving... if you plan to do a lot of driving or perhaps daily drive, the Huracan is your answer. Limited driving... Aventador!
  23. Andrew R.

    Valentino 50 event in Italy this May

    Just two months from now... who is attending? About 120 registered so far, 75 bringing a Lamborghini. Owners from Europe, America, Asia, and South Africa!
  24. Andrew R.

    Valentino 50 event in Italy this May

    Another video from the Valentino 50 event, footage taken from the passenger seat of my Gallardo: