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  1. Ok so drove for a few miles in corsa but got held up with traffic and was in a major rush, which added to the speed. It really does wake the car up but it feels like a mini slingshot and really unsettles the balance of the car if you're anything but completely straight whilst shifting. I'll give it a few more goes this week. Or not, shit i just remembered the car is going in for it's first service tomorrow!
  2. I've done 8200 miles as of today in my 2011 LP, which was my first sports car that wasn't a manual. After a load of thought i went for it as i know that if i want a manual i'll want it in something older and lighter than the current sports cars; the new super cars are all so fast that even with a manual i don't think you'll actually have that much more interaction and fun than with the e-gear / F1/ DCT set-ups now available. My next car (before the Aventador roadster) will be an older Porsche of some kind in a manual guise. In regards to my ownership experience, i've had the car since June 11' and taken it from London to the South of France, which involved 14 hours straight driving, loads of day trips etc. Until recently i've driven the car in Sport mode 90% of the time, even when it was snowing. About 6 weeks ago i was sitting in heavy traffic and i was getting a little annoyed with the car in sport mode thinking that it was being clunky and needed to go in for a re-callibration when i decided to put it into standard mode (non-automatic). I also don't like the way it goes from sport into neutral if you're coming off the accelerator as it can be too sharp if you don't hit it in the right spot. The car in traffic is extremely compliant in the standard mode and is actually now my preference on my morning commute. On my way home each night it goes into Sport as at 8pm on avg. there's little to no traffic. Between the two obviously sport is a hell of a lot more engaging and fun but i honestly feel that the car responds better to stop and go with the standard mode and it feels like there's less strain put on the clutch (i realise i may be completely wrong with that statement) as i don't have to apply as much initial pressure as i do in sport mode to get the car moving - and you have to do so quickly and sharply in sport from a stand still so you don't slip it at all. Non sport seems to pick up straight away in stop and go. In regards to Corsa mode, i'm no Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton or whoever the hell else races in Yawn-1. In my ownership experience i've used it literally less than 5 times. It is very aggressive but it does wake the car up and on spirited runs gives you a hell of a lot of interaction. I've not had it in corsa for more than 10 mins or so, the weather is nice and sunny so in a minute i'll purely use Corsa and report back. Personally i've never really seen a need to use it here in London as Sport mode is perfect when there's no traffic. Additionally, i've not used the launch mode since buying the car - something i doubt i'll do anyway. In regards to clutch wear - when i had the car go in a couple months ago for some warranty work on a squeeking sound, they gave me a read out of 2% wear. I'd say that's pretty impressive, though do note i have never driven the car in automatic mode and am very perceptive with the way i use neutral when coasting or coming to a stop, even for a second or two. Josh
  3. 100% agree - this guy's a complete schmuck. People are giving him the time of day and he sounds similar to a 15 year old dreamer asking mundane and pathetic questions, with which there are hundreds of threads pertaining to each one of them over the years. If you're so interested in a car, take a test drive, not an internet one and save us and yourself some time and effort. Additionally, why create a second thread about a test drive and how you get one, are you actually being serious? Pathetic.
  4. No: they're far too different to cross shop. If you want a possible DD and something sporty you should consider a Maser GTS or a Porsche 997 TT - both can be a DD, are sporty and look fantastic. A CGT is a complete opposite to a Gallardo and the drive is beyond dull. Whilst gaining feedback on a forum is all well and good, go test drive the two cars and you'll have a far better idea of what the vehicles are like and how they'll suit you.
  5. I've done 8k in 8 months and think the E-gear is phenomenal on my LP. I considered a pre LP Gallardo but one test drive put that thought away - the LP's e-gear is honestly leagues ahead and the steering is also far better with more feel and character than the numb drive of the pre LP's. Obviously if you don't test drive anything else you'll know no better and ignorance is bliss but from my test drive of an 08 Gallardo Vert i was thoroughly unimpressed with the transmission and the night and day difference driving that 08 to my 11' LP was enough for me to place a deposit on the spot. It doesn't sound like you do much driving and in that instance the transmission shouldn't give you any issues nor grind at you but if you're sitting in commuter traffic for > 30 mins every day i'd think twice. Also, how on earth can you compare a CGT to a Gallardo - that's apples to oranges.
  6. Surprised you didn't go for the coupe - the spur is too large!
  7. LA_Brit

    Got Snow?

    Had a little fun today:
  8. LA_Brit

    New Ride

    Few pics taken by Alex Penfold - came out lovely, he's a talented young photographer! Some other pics rom GFWilliams and Munch997:
  9. Haha, exactly what i was thinking.
  10. There's no way i would have let them valet my LP if i had a TTG - risky!
  11. Some pics from my trip from London to Cannes a month ago: Some pics i think i've posted on here already: Grocery Shopping:
  12. I've been obsessed with cars since i was a kid like most of us. Lamborghini is the absolute epitome of a sports car in every aspect and when seeing the Diablo SV in the DuPont Registry mags since i was a kid i was hooked, i knew one day i had to have a Lamborghini! Over the last 4 years i went from a 348 & 997 'S' to a 360 Spider then went for the LP a few months ago and am crazy about the car, it makes all of the hard work worth it every morning when i get into it! 4700 miles in 3 months and hopefully many more to go!
  13. Still need to get this sorted, not inspired by the responses so far!
  14. Hi all, I plan on DD'ing the LP560 all winter and would like to know which tyres and sizes i should take a look at prior to ordering. If you know of anyone that has experience driving the LP in the winter and has feedback on specific brands / models please direct them to this thread. Thanks in advance. Pic from my recent drive to Cannes from London for views:
  15. LA_Brit

    New Ride

    Luis! How are you?! Haven't seen you about in a couple years!
  16. LA_Brit

    New Ride

    Upgraded my old 360 Spider to an 11' LP560-4 last month. The car is an absolute rocket. Picked it up with 180 miles on the clock and have just passed 1000 this week. It's stable at speed, comfortable and it does everything far better than the 360, which was to be expected. I daily drive it and have been having a blast. Prior to delivery I had the windows tinted and the rims powder coated black. I've got a set of clear sidelights awaiting installation in a couple of weeks, the orange ones are doing my head in! Spec is: E-gear Travel Pack Full Leather pack I and is it II ? Q-citura stitching Lifting Gear Reverse Cam Nav Think that's it. Some pics: Grocery Shopping: Spotted on the road: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 - Josh
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