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  1. Upgraded my old 360 Spider to an 11' LP560-4 last month. The car is an absolute rocket. Picked it up with 180 miles on the clock and have just passed 1000 this week. It's stable at speed, comfortable and it does everything far better than the 360, which was to be expected. I daily drive it and have been having a blast. Prior to delivery I had the windows tinted and the rims powder coated black. I've got a set of clear sidelights awaiting installation in a couple of weeks, the orange ones are doing my head in! Spec is: E-gear Travel Pack Full Leather pack I and is it II ? Q-citura stitching Lifting Gear Reverse Cam Nav Think that's it. Some pics: Grocery Shopping: Spotted on the road: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 - Josh
  2. LA_Brit


    Don't mind him: he's just pissed ATL didn't want to buy his seats for 15k and is acting like a little kid, taking hits at ATL for no reason. He's already been banned after sending threats to ATL via PM's on another forum.
  3. Try: SUR STK Osteria Latini Osteria Mozza Comme CA
  4. Decided to forget about the 04. Just too old. Found a black 07 that i like and have negotiated a deal pending a ppi and them sending me the service history.
  5. Hi all, I've been going back and forth on my next purchase for a few months and after losing out on a perfectly spec'd 430 a couple of months ago a buddy took me for a ride in his 05 G and it blew me away and i've been on the hunt for one since. I've found a 2004 G (i am in the UK - the car was registered in October 04) with around 13k and what appears to be a full Lamborghini Main Dealer Service History. It had the clutch replaced in 07 @ 9000 miles and has had a service this year. I'm going to test drive it on Friday. It's got an almost ideal spec - everything i want (including manual transmission) aside from the glass engine bay which i don't think was even an option in 04. I'm not so much worried about the car itself as i'll have it PPI'd and it's coming with a one year labor and mechanical warranty from the dealer. What worries me is that the car is now 5 years old and i haven't ever owned a car more than 3 years old before. I know there were various changes made in 06 and this also concerns me as i hadn't even considered a G prior to 06 until this specific one became available. Off the top of my head the major changes (applicable to the manual) in 06 were: Changes to the steering rack Shorter ratios Revised suspension Power Hike The price on the car is 10k cheaper than 06's, of which there are very few good condition ones about in the color and spec i would like. Is it worth holding out for an 06 > the 04? I've actively been on this board and various other ones for years and know a decent amount about the car, have utilized the search function but would like to hear from current owners as to what their position on the matter is. Thank you in advance, Josh
  6. Boom - told ya UBC! Lovely car JHF, post up some pics!
  7. Congrats. Don't be so sensitive.
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