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  1. Guess nobody does these days!!!!
  2. I'll try and make it down for the next one.
  3. Picked one of these up again (had an LP560-4 Coupe from new in 2012 which i DD and did 14k or so in) and think this will stand the test of time better. Gearbox is shit in comparison but for a top down cruise along the PCH to get a coffee it's more than nice enough - it's been too long without a V10 or 12! Hopefully i'll be trading it in for an upgrade later in the year! 2011 LP560-4 Spyder 4000 miles Mint. $266k sticker - CF interior etc
  4. Back looks great, never liked the front of the Huracunt as a coupe - the front is too short and the angle down too steep for my liking. Looks squashed. The vert helps with this IMO but the proportions just don't seem balanced.
  5. I thought you tried to sell that a while ago?
  6. I should have bloody bought that when it was avail 3/4 years ago! Was at Houston or Dallas right? I def. remember seeing the ad! GLWS!
  7. I love what you're doing and respect it but do think the designs are too similar to Ferrari and would love to see something that wouldn't bring about that comp! Best of luck - if i could, i would!
  8. Likely to have been purchased by: 1. A friend of the dictators son. 2. A current Veneno owner to boost the value. 3. Stevie fcuking wonder. What a shitbox.
  9. i8 is the worst car i have owned. Ever.
  10. LA_Brit

    Monterey 2019

    Jesus that's awful. I'm so sorry for your loss. Josh
  11. Not a surprise really - UK economy is in big shit...end of flipping.
  12. Most just drive them and roll whatever loss there is into the next lease. The car gets revalued based on mileage when you turn it in.
  13. They're offering incredible lease deals on them right now - 0 down 2500 a mo. I was honestly tempted - they're little pocket rockets. With that said leasing seems a real waste when for the dough over the years - you could buy a gated gallardo vert for example and have little depreciation and it's money in the bank when you want to sell. I wouldn't buy a Mclaren tbh - horrific depreciation and the hearsay on QC and the constant issues across all models doesn't give me the required faith in the brand. I do, however, believe that when they are problem free they are incredible cars. It's just how often will that be?
  14. I can't quite remember but i think it was for lights of some sort. Clay? Rob?
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