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  1. Exonyte

    Newest Addition

    Gorgeous looking bull! Congrats on the purchase.
  2. Exonyte

    Identify this car

    I agree with the oldsmobile suggestion as well.
  3. Exonyte

    Identify this car

    I think it's a sidewalk drain. Can see it in pic 3 to the right of the car Something like that ^
  4. Exonyte

    Identify this car

    I agree about the bumper, but the headlights seem different. The Saturn's headlights seem to have more height and less width. Another feature that should be considered: car is white, but door handles are black. This is not common with white cars.
  5. Exonyte

    Identify this car

    I highlighted some features that stick out that should help in arriving at the conclusion. Doors look like the Eagle Vision's, but the front bumper resmbles the Oldsmobile Alero or the 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, as other posters have suggested.
  6. Exonyte


    Anyone else feel like punching Reggie in the face? lol The show is picking up slowly, and yeah the 30 min episodes do seem very short
  7. The dancing banana GIF? Congratulations on the car, looks amazing. Love the color as well
  8. great show. first season seemed to get boring near the end, but season 2 and 3 have had me hooked. quickly becoming one of my favorites
  9. car looks great. and congrats on achieving your goal my friend!
  10. that's one mean lookin bull. great choice of colour.
  11. that's a gorgeous aventador right there. congrats
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