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  1. Congratulations J! Remember you wanting this for some time! She is an ageless beauty! She'll get a lot of attention for sure in WashPA
  2. Saw this car on Ventura in Sherman Oaks a few days ago. It looks unreal His windows are tinted so I wondered who it was until I saw the pics on IG.
  3. Congrats on the new bull ToofDoc! Gorgeous color combo!
  4. Posey075


    I am a few days shy of 1yr anniv. on my LASIK and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Had mine done at TLC and it was well worth the money. The only difference between LASIK and PRK is the procedure on the outer layer of your eye. For PRK, they burn the outer layer completely off with a laser to do the surgery and place a temporary contact over your eye afterwards so that outer layer can heal and grow back which takes a week of recovery. They cut a flap out of your outer layer with a laser and flip it over to do the surgery and lay the flap back over once the procedure is done for LASIK which is the quickest recovery.
  5. Was a kid with my family on our way to the beach in the Carolinas and my Dad pointed out a red Diablo driving beside us. It was a hook, line, and sinker back then and still is to this day!
  6. Congratulations Cody! Love both cars and I agree that the extended line of the Huracan's headlights look great! I have seen one on the road so far on Sunset near Beverly Hills and they have so much presence!
  7. Jack-O-Lanterns in disguise.
  8. Congrats again Tim! Pictures do no justice for this car. It is absolutely gorgeous in person!
  9. Posey075

    My Garage

    Very cool and inspiring video! I enjoyed your story and best of luck with your upcoming car! "Enjoy the ride. Don't worry about the destination." Great words of advice and thank you for sharing!
  10. I agree. This was absolutely hilarious and I enjoyed it even more than the first one which doesn't happen often with sequels for me. Does anybody happen to have pics/vids of the LP640 they used in the film? That car is stunning!
  11. Posey075


    I basically had the same scenario as you only I had glasses since 2nd grade and got contacts in 7th. My prescription was -4.5 and -4.0 so it wasn't as bad yours. I considered Lasik for several years and finally went through with the procedure January 31st of this year. It kinda sucked at first with the different eye drops, glasses, bed goggles, and etc. but each day progressively gets better and you don't have to do as much as the days go by. At this point I am still using prescribed Restasis eye drops in the morning and evening. My eyes get kinda dry every once in a while so I use Refresh Optive Sensitive eye drops which is recommended to people who went through lasik. My vision is excellent! I have 20/15 vision and my eye comfort has been back to normal for a while now as if I were wearing contacts and don't even notice them in. Would I do it all over again? Absolutely. Just remember like with any surgery that it will be a little bit of discomfort at first but it will progressively get better in time and you will be happy with the results. If anything, I definitely recommend going in for an initial appointment to get a better understanding of what they do in the procedure and you can decide at that point if you would want to go through with it or not. Feel free to call me if you have any questions!
  12. Wheel looks absolutely sick! You did it right.
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