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  1. Anyone still buying cryptos - if yes, what?
  2. exhaust on that gold GTR is nice
  3. I would love to do the same 570 bumper, but they are not available. If anybody has a lead on one, please pm me.. Tks.
  4. i will sell you the rims and tires from my 08 S-SL for 2500.00? Chris M
  5. great job kevin! nice to see your guys moving in another direction to push sales...
  6. I own a 1K RWHP supra and a 939 AWHP on pump TTG-SL( built by UGR) the TTG is far more easy to drive than the supra. enjoy your new ride Peter!!
  7. Thanks for the kind words guys! Can wait to get it back this week, will keep you posted. I went with the stage 1 kit, but upgraded to the 67mm turbos and 3.5 inch exhaust. I also opted for the Ceramic clutch setup. Kevin and KC have made this a real smooth transaction, and you can’t beat a 2 month turnaround…
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