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  1. KCViper

    Clear bra?

    Lambo Dallas put XPEL Ultimate and Stealth on my car and it looks great. As others have stated, it really comes down to the installer and how much experience they have. Make sure they roll the corners as it looks very clean!! GL and enjoy!
  2. OP, congrats and some really solid advice here. I have a boy and girl and it has been a wonderful experience with some ups and downs. My advice would be not to sweat the small stuff!! Life has an ebbe and flow, talk with your kids and be "involved" in their live. Teach them morals and ethics through your actions. For the person who said that children have no memories of early life.....nothing could be further from the truth! It's called imprinting and is a vital part of childhood.....(for humans and animals!!)
  3. Nothing like that on my wheels. Will be following this thread to see what others think....
  4. My driveway is flat so I back in to the garage. Either way, gotta reverse at some point. I do not ever reverse uphill...
  5. Thank you for conducting this independent research!!
  6. I was in a similar situation many years ago when my kids were little. I bought my first Viper when my daughter was 2 and was very involved with the Viper Club of America for 10 years. It was a great experience and my kids were part of it but not overly involved as it was "my thing". Years passed and I seemed to drive the Viper less and less and felt very guilty about it, so I sold it and bought my DD C63. My daughter cried the day I sold it!! Years passed and I found myself really missing the "car" scene and wishing very much that I never sold it!! However, this led me to buying my LP570, so can't complain to much. My suggestion, keep it unless you have to sell for financial reasons. You will find that your life will change over the years.....
  7. I personally would not buy a story car and, that, sounds like a story car!! GL....
  8. Bummer......I've been warned!!!
  9. Bummer, the trailers looked decent which is typically the case. Would you consider it a rental or skip altogether??
  10. Agree, this race was right in the 911 TT-S wheelhouse. So many fast cars out there these days!!
  11. Lamborghini Dallas has this SV for sale ($519 w/1000 miles): http://www.lamborghinidallas.com/used-inve...Selections=true John Hrad was my salesperson and highly recommended. I swing be there fairly often, so let me know if I can help......Kurt
  12. KCViper


    I'm going to check this out. Thanks for sharing!!
  13. Looks like a decent car, but with a few issues as previously discussed. I'm just not a fan of that huge STS wing, but to each their own... I would advise to get the best car with documented service records, etc that you can afford. Cosmetics can always be changed. GL.....
  14. KCViper

    New here.

    I looked at your LP570 at Lamborghini Dallas last year (beautiful car)! They are a really good dealership for sure!!
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