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  1. Dealerships dont give a rats ass about older Lambos. Last service I took my Murci to NP for basic service and not only did they damaged it by getting water in the coils/engine, they had it for weeks! I am currently having alarm issues and I called them to get some help and they said they charge a minimum 4 hour diagnostic test ($250 per hour) for any Lambo older than 15 years old (or maybe it was 10 years). Nonetheless by a refferal, I reached out to AGX in the Valley and man these guys were beyond helpful, spent easily 20 minutes on the phone with me to help self diagnose. Murci started right up, I still have the issue intermittently but super disappointed by the response of the local dealer. AGX is my Murci go to from now on.
  2. Still here, different name, been close to 20 years. We really should make a campaign to revive this forum, current members really need to reach out to the older members and the newer owners. It would be a shame to let this forum with such great info and life altering posts fizzle out...
  3. Its called spoofing. https://www.facebook.com/azizcalaoui/videos...14720284342100/
  4. Nice list! 20k for parts,now who has a bad egear willing to sacrifice and what type of warranty will the dealer give? Any value in the old egear parts? Ideally if someone can get the factory on board to help with a conversion for selling such a shit box to owners would reflect grealty on them. Even better have some time of recall at a nominal fee.
  5. Would love to see the break down omn parts and labor to convert to a 6 speed from a dealership, can they give you a written estimate? COmpletely ignore the 485k asking price from Roy, he is looking for the unicorn buyer, which he might get. But for the rest of us, I would love to see the break down, maybe OCJEFF can chime in.
  6. Am I the only one thinking this was way blown out of perspective?
  7. I have been looking at the G Wagen squared as well, any thoughts on future values on them? I dont mind spending the 250k, I just dont want to lose 100k in a year or two.
  8. This seems to be the new trend, my Lambo wont be driven in shitty/high density areas or left out of my sight. Not worth the headache. Reminds me of the time the LP crew did a run and some loosers tried to dump some chili in Whytry's white interior Murci roadster, luckily they missed.
  9. all the above and/but most importantly use WAZE every time you drive, I forget also but it has helped me massively on my very long trips.
  10. A bit off topic, but they are driving the market up here as well. I read somewhere the Chinese govt was going to crack down on the influx of money leaving the country, but it doesn't seem to be the case.
  11. Save your money, learn mediaton and listen to Gary V, he says the same shit (for free) but in a few sentences. Hardest life/business lessons I learned on my own, this guy spit out in one of the first vids I saw of him. He suppasses TR on soo many levels and doesnt profit of it (for the most part)
  12. I need to do the oil on Murci, anyone reputable companies local out there that can do it besides the dealer, Raging, etc. I saw this youtube vid, if I had a lift i would do it myself, seems pretty easy:
  13. You shuold reach out and start a yearly Countach run.
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