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    SV vs 720S Video....

    The A-SV is 1000 lbs heavier than the Frog 720s according to the info in the above video. A-SV is king, no care for other.

    Lambo dragrace

    My guess it would be if it has egear. Wow Lamborghini make epic looking car for sure.


    I never had any TCS light or problem in regarding to after market wheels 19x8.5/20x13 as picture here my old 04 Murci.

    What Color Should I change my wheels to?

    Here's my Hermera bronze and 19/20 liquid bronze.

    FS: 3-Piece 19/20 Murci wheels

    Set 1 - Maya wheels SOLD.

    Who makes clear side markers for LP640?

    Will sell mine (barely used) front and rear for $200 ship to your door if interest.

    FS: 3-Piece 19/20 Murci wheels

    I have for sell 2 sets of 19/20 3-piece wheels built for Murci/LP640/LP670 set1- $400 USED Maya DTM 19x8.5 front/ 20x13 rear. 1 rear wheel is bent, 1 front wheel has some curved rash, the other 2 are straight and in great shape. These wheels are discontinued many moon ago. I'm selling it cheap and preferably local pick up. (I'm located in West Palm Beach area) Set2 - $4900 Avant Garde 19x8.5 front/ 20x13 rear. Brand new never meet any tires. 4 wheels center caps and 4 valve stems are included. Black chrome/Black Candy spokes, Liquid Bronze Lip, Bullion Gold rivets. Please call or text 213-265-1761 Thankx

    FS: V1 Black Vue and other

    Mike, you're picking up the V1 and the Black Vue too right? Just to confirm. PM you back. Thankx

    FS: V1 Black Vue and other

    DR650GW-2CH, selling it cheap to clear out my garage.
  10. NSXtoMURCI

    FS: V1 Black Vue and other

    1, For sell a complete set of my old V1, didn't value much but if you're into saving a few buck to trade it in, 50 bucks and free SH. 2, Black Vue front and rear cameras (brand new never use) $200 +sh. 3, Factory 20 LP640/Murci lug nuts and T70 (brand new never use) $160 +sh 4, Momo shift knob stainless steel (brand new never use) $25 and free shipping within the US. 5, Original/Collectable "Since 1963" factory Lamborghini center caps (brand new never use) $180 +sh 6, Used OEM side marker in great condition. $50 bucks and free shipping within US. 7, Used OEM Hermera wheels center caps mint condition. $100 + sh 8, Used OEM starter motor $200 +sh 9, Autocraft battery (brand new) paid 180, if you are local West Palm Beach Florida pick it up for 60 bucks. 10, 2 gold OEM Hercules center caps (brand new never install) $70 free sh within the US. 11, 4 silver OEM Hercules center caps used. $50 bucks and free shipping within the US. Please call or text 213-265-1761. Thank you
  11. NSXtoMURCI

    FS: Primary Cats LP640 and Murci

    For sell two set of primary cats removed from my 04 Murci and LP640. Please text or call at 213-265-1761. Thank you 04 Murci - $250 +SH 08 LP640 - $350 + SH
  12. NSXtoMURCI

    FS: OEM Murci Cover

    Sold to FrankD. Thank you Sir.
  13. NSXtoMURCI

    FS: Murcielago interior pieces

    Price drop. Please call or text. Thankx item #1 now $130 +sh Item #2 now $160 +sh Item #3 now $30 +sh Item #4 now $160 +sh Item #5 now $100 +sh Item #6 now $130 +sh Item #7 now $130 +sh
  14. NSXtoMURCI

    FS: OEM Murci Cover

    Price drop $180 + SH call or text 213-265-1761
  15. NSXtoMURCI

    Fabspeed primary bypass pipes added...LP640

    My current exhaust set up is near perfection for me, except that 1 second raspy sound upon the stab of the throttle or even moderate throttle at taking off. Yes I don't have any problem controlling the exhaust sound at all when I'm rolling around town or creeping in traffic, it sounds Exactly how I want it to sound, matter of fact it sounds absolute beast consider I don't have to spend my entire life savings for it lol...sometime I think I'm just being bored when I'm complaining about my exhaust lol.