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  1. Looks great. Post more pics if you can
  2. More 1/4 mile pasess would be cool. In due time I'm sure. I'm also anxious to see drag965 Chiron updates..
  3. Tuned 720s from DME made 766whp and went 9.5 in FL. Fiske has a vid on Yt
  4. This x100. Incar is insane I'm sure
  5. they should have launched it in this spec...
  6. Still digging the SS, just something about it. Looks very well in blue carbon. The Chiron is sweet aswell with the blue and carbon(?) wheels. Either way post more pics and updates I think we all look forward to your BUG posts. Enjoy in good health!
  7. dudewheresmycar


    What about the Porsche Cayenne turbo S....6 years before(2006/955) with a 520hp ttv8 and awd? just saying..
  8. I think manual 355/360 and 550 will be classics. The rest im not so sure of.
  9. Perfect lambo in a epic color. Congrats
  10. Love the color. Best of luck with it!
  11. Reminds me of the "219"mph lp640...
  12. Great vid. Green one sounds mean!
  13. Pretty sure it was a development car for before the laf came out. Not sure if street legal.
  14. I think when people say "not exciting" they're really just saying not emotional. Fast yes, emotional and feeling one with the car, prolly not so much.
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