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  1. Not to familiar on balboni numbers 50th anniversarios are gated manuals and really are special 25 in the USA last sales on forums all above 215-230 list prices LP superleggera were never documented how many made. Unicorn manuals are rare PRE LP superleggera documented how many of each color of the 172 made. Last of the true raw 5.0 engine and F1 exhaust note. If you want a driver PreLp is the route. Cheaper to get into. Will retain and possibly go up depending on its history If if you want long term investment and won’t rack miles 50th. But it will be almost 80-100k more compared to preLp pricing.
  2. I’m really surprised the 08 superlegerras aren’t so sought after. Documented numbers to each color produced and there are so few unmolested left. So many have been TT’d
  3. Congrats. Got it for a steal!
  4. http://www.lamborghinidallas.com/used/Lamb...0fdbc457321.htm One of the last two white unmolested SL’s 10 of the 172 made 2 totaled 6 have been TT’d.
  5. Sean at http://instagram.com/64motorcars Took down a bunch of cars last year. See if he is doing it again
  6. Ryan. Coming from the gtr world to its night and day differnce. I have an 08 Superlegerra. Def a bit more than a standard G and in line with Early LP G's price wise. Reason I chose the SL is it's a limited production 172 built in 08. Won't bottom out price wise. Long term value if u get a low mile low owner car which are hard to come by now a day. It's def much slower than dct but regular drives you learn how to modulate throttle not to get he jerkiness leaving a full stop. The 4wd clubkiness is def felt in tight turns if you are trying to back up or make K turns to park. 08 clutches last much longer. My car during the PPI had 90% clutch on it with 9k miles. This lambo is def a looker. miss the functionality of the back seats of the gtr miss the speed of the gtr. My saying is the gtr is the wife it does everything. The lambo is the hot chick you see and want knowin it doesn't do much of anything right but looks damn good.
  7. I've seen issues with each brand. It's all in the skill of the body shop to match and massage body lines.
  8. Rsc Renown IMS auto design. https://instagram.com/p/BarIwdZHAVv/ Vorsteiner https://instagram.com/p/BZ4n6b0D61G/ Some are longer which makes the nose look longer so it s all on how you want the look to be aggressive.
  9. Recently all these 08 TPMS threads are popping up They are just at end of life. Batteries are done!
  10. Glen are the $128 just replacement brand or factory Lamborghini parts?
  11. Why not jack em up on jack stands. Can save almost 12-16 inches of dryness in case any flood waters.
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