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  1. monEmakindave

    Picked up a new toy

    Congrats. Got it for a steal!
  2. monEmakindave

    WTB: 2008 Superleggera Grigio Telesto

    I was in a color specific search as well few years ago. It was actually a long wait almost settled on a Grigio but glad I stuck it out. Lucky to have a 1 of the white SL’s.
  3. monEmakindave

    WTB: 2008 Superleggera Grigio Telesto

    Here is the SL registry 18 cars for sale. Only 2 are Grigio Telesto and both have cosmetic mods and over your mileage requirements. Good luck with your search.
  4. monEmakindave

    SV wheels on a base model

    Love it!
  5. monEmakindave

    You have $250k for your next car... One of the last two white unmolested SL’s 10 of the 172 made 2 totaled 6 have been TT’d.
  6. monEmakindave

    Bullfest Miami Feb 2018

    Sean at Took down a bunch of cars last year. See if he is doing it again
  7. monEmakindave

    WTB: Exhaust & Cat Bypass Pipes 04-08 Gallardo

    What year is your car. 04-06 doesn't require a valved exhaust. 07-08 is a bit more finicky about exhaust and can set off random CEL.
  8. monEmakindave

    FS: A very nice UGR twin turbo! - Sold

    Willing to sell the adv1's? Price please
  9. monEmakindave

    egear discussion

    Ryan. Coming from the gtr world to its night and day differnce. I have an 08 Superlegerra. Def a bit more than a standard G and in line with Early LP G's price wise. Reason I chose the SL is it's a limited production 172 built in 08. Won't bottom out price wise. Long term value if u get a low mile low owner car which are hard to come by now a day. It's def much slower than dct but regular drives you learn how to modulate throttle not to get he jerkiness leaving a full stop. The 4wd clubkiness is def felt in tight turns if you are trying to back up or make K turns to park. 08 clutches last much longer. My car during the PPI had 90% clutch on it with 9k miles. This lambo is def a looker. miss the functionality of the back seats of the gtr miss the speed of the gtr. My saying is the gtr is the wife it does everything. The lambo is the hot chick you see and want knowin it doesn't do much of anything right but looks damn good.
  10. monEmakindave

    Finally got a Huracan

  11. monEmakindave

    First Gen LP570 bumper

    I've seen issues with each brand. It's all in the skill of the body shop to match and massage body lines.
  12. monEmakindave

    First Gen LP570 bumper

    Rsc Renown IMS auto design. Vorsteiner Some are longer which makes the nose look longer so it s all on how you want the look to be aggressive.
  13. monEmakindave

    WTT: 1000whp Nissan GTR

    Carl Save some money and buy this Yes it's not an egear but the cost of the build you are basically getting the car for free. 1 of 10 SL's in white made. Two are know to have been totaled.
  14. monEmakindave

    WTT: 1000whp Nissan GTR

    Coming to the dark side! Solid GTR! Hope all is well