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  1. srtricky

    Look what finally got here!

    Looks awesome! Congrats!
  2. Looks great! Thanks for sharing.
  3. srtricky

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I guess the current sv owner's would be annoyed if it was an SV Jota. S Jota makes it a different car than the SV. Also helps to hold values along the lines. the 55k aero kit is the 20 aero kits posted above for the aventador s. nothing to do with the jota.
  4. srtricky

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I heard dealers wanted deposits in by the end of June. the aero kit is 55k for the full kit.
  5. I don't understand why he didn't get on the brakes hard.
  6. srtricky

    Best home automation systems

    100% I am regretting every second of the 100k++ we've spent on our house. Technology advances way too fast to be putting permanent automation solutions into a residential home in my opinion.
  7. srtricky

    Delivery Dates

    September 2018
  8. srtricky

    Aventador Roadster S!

  9. srtricky

    Aventador Roadster S!

    My brother took delivery of his Roadster S yesterday. Waiting for the roads to clear to drive the beast. Nero Aldebaran with Ad Personam Bianco Leda interior.