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  1. also think about who visits section 8 tenants. The flies that come along with shit are sometimes more annoying.
  2. Yes indeed!! http://www.badassoftheweek.com/christopherlee.html
  3. Oh, didn't know that about the fish market? Last time I went to that market was in 2001. I was there for the tuna auctions, but back then it really wasn't crowded with tourists. I have also been to the Osaka aquarium and agree, there is more to see there in that area and its a good excuse to ride the bullet train from Tokyo if you have not ridden on one. Osaka castle was interesting and actually when I went in March, they had the big Sumo Basho in Osaka so it was very intriguing to see the competitors and watch matches.
  4. I'm a fish guy (eating and looking at)..SO a must for that is hit the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium located within the Ocean Expo Park. The main tank of the aquarium, called the Kuroshio Sea, holds 7,5 million liters (1,981,000 gallons) of water and features whale sharks and manta rays. If you are in Tokyo, you have to get down to the Tsukiji fish market EARLY in the morning. I got up at 6am and went down when they were unloading the tuna for the sushi markets. Walked around ooodles of stuff from the ocean that was still alive. Amazing and the best is you can eat sashimi that is the freshest you'll ever have.
  5. more Oakland CA sideshow BS- Story, innocent victim car comes off 7th street, accidentally crashes into a car "participating" in the sideshow. The crowd gets mad and a male beats the male driver, a female beats the female passenger. Video picks up during that portion whereby someone from the crowd jumps on the victim car and pops a couple rounds into the car. then you see what follows...Oakland PD looking for either suspect or victim as everyone fled (I am assuming once the automatic gunfire began)
  6. Looks promising...Their address is close by where I am. Interesting it is someone's house it appears....
  7. daremo19


    I have a Frenchie. He is 7 years old and GREAT with my kids (ages 5 & 2). Super mellow, big personality, and love him to death. We unfortunately purchased him via the internet and just saw pictures of him and his parents. The negatives, he did have health issues. When we got him, he was a runt. When he grew (at about 9 months, his throat stayed small and he would get winded just from brief walks. So he went in and an xray showed he had the throat the size of a cat.) So, $12k later in surgery at a specialist, 3 days of ICU, he had his palate shaved, nostrils widened, throat cut, and was put on a strict diet to ensure he never got over weight. It pretty much saved his life or else he'd seizure from any overheating as he could not breath otherwise as he got older and bigger. Bottom line, just like other have stated, VISIT in person a breeder and see the parents from a reputable breeder. I do not regret getting Brutus as he is an awesome dog and am thankful he came to me as we had the resources to give him the care he needed. Otherwise, he would have ended up like many Frenchies I see that get donated to rescues because people cannot spend money on a dog that has such needs. PS if you are in the SF bay area, we are members of a French Bulldog club that has meet ups on the last sunday of every month. Usually, up to 20-30 Frenchies of all sizes/ages/colors meet and sometimes breeder do come with pups. PM if that could work for you to see them.
  8. Here's a pre-repair picture of this one... http://www.autobidmaster.com/carfinder-onl...E_CERTIFICATE_/
  9. RD- Have to say, I quite enjoyed the story because I just moved too so I can feeeeeel your pain. Went from a 4 car 700 sq ft garage with all the bells and whistles to a 3 car garage with no storage. BUT, I am on over an acre so future garage is looking good! Hope all the pieces fit back together and the home settles quick. I am still unpacking two weeks later. I HATE moving!
  10. Yes, connected to the Gift Center which is where you can buy high end items, including diamonds/watches from sellers if you are invited inside.
  11. I second the Logitech Harmony One in the above link. It is very user friendly and the "Help" button will actually walk you through a problem if someone unfamiliar uses it and doesn't point it in the right direction and a component doesn't get turned on. My wife, who is not technical, can even use it. Also, if the component you have is not listed, Logitech support will enter the component for you on an update and then its just a matter of plugging in the remote via USB to the computer and VOILA, its a go. I have had it for 4 years, changed some components/TV, and with some updating, it works FLAWLESSLY.
  12. Nice video..For the money, the LP700 did well against the Bug.
  13. GORGEOUS!!!!! nice to see a real VI one..
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