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  1. JMS350Z

    Tip movers?

    I worked as a mover in college. I got tips sometimes, anywhere from $10 - $50 depending on what I was moving etc. -J
  2. I don't get the purpose of this video.
  3. W.T.H are you talking about?
  4. To have the money to afford these cars, and then he does that to them??? People with this kind of taste should buy.......REPLICAS!!! -J
  5. Take-out from Outback?
  6. Ok, how about trade for an 03 Nissan 350Z?? Just thought I would throw it out there.....
  7. Just read that. it is absolutely ridicules. Pretty soon it will be illegal form us to mow our own lawns unless we are a licensed landscaper...
  8. -As far as a good multi, I use Animal Pack, but it will turn your urine a lovely color yellow. This is because the quantity of the different vitamins in the pack. -I would stay away from protein bars, unless you don't have anything else to eat. They are usually much higher in fat and carbs. When it come to powders, SYNTHA 6 by BSN is the best tasting protein out there. Mixes up good, not clumpy or anything. It is a little higher in carbs and fat than others but when you drop the fat, carbs, sugar, etc. you will sacrifice taste. I use Whey Pro by ProLine, or 100% Whey by Optimum Nutrition
  9. Yup, try to get a gallon a day. Topcarbon, where do you get your supplements? -J
  10. As far as trimming down P90X is really effective and it does not take up too much of your day. As far as your diet goes, it's not rocket science. Eat clean, high protein, relatively low carb foods every couple of hours. You want to make sure you are getting enough protein to support your muscle. I've worked as a personal trainer for 5 years and I currently own a nutrition store so I've been in the business for awhile. The biggest problem I see is people not being consistent, it's going to take longer than a week to get in shape. It really has to be lifestyle change. As far as supplements go
  11. Is this from the new episode of "Pimp My House"??
  12. What company do you work for? I'm having to close my store at the end of October and I'm looking for something new. Thanks, -J
  13. Nope...I'm having to close my store and find a new career. Good times..... -J
  14. Exactly, unless you're on the "red carpet" who asks, "Who are you wearing?"
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