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    out west, but wish Hawaii
  1. howzit, been a while....not much happening for me in the Lamborghini world, so haven't been pimpin' here for a long while. Hope all you cool cats are well and if anyone has been searching for a set of Countach P7's, I am finally getting to some of my 'stuff' that has been stored and put away forever....they are on eBay if you are interested. update; focused mainly on a cool car-guy cabin remodel, traveling the world to watch futbol, and offering up great cars and parts to fund this! Aloha, Mike
  2. MANG

    double wing countach

    My first Countach was white/red and had the front wing. As mentioned elsewhere it was done to satisfy regulations as a 'front bumper' lol. I always liked it as it was done to a mini exact match of the rear and it was more outrage on an already outrageous car! Aloha here, haven't been around much as I am Lambo-less and not much talk here about the other marques I've drifted into. Hope you are all well amigos.
  3. 930's are rapidly becoming COLLECTOR car darlings....especially the 70's versions. Your car looks great! More photos please!
  4. MANG

    Got it today!!

    Congrats Paal....Panteras are the gateway drug to Countach's....next stop, intervention!
  5. Dogs r so freaking amazing, so sad when they leave us
  6. MANG

    Alison King

    "wife-who is hotter than this chick" = photos documentation please
  7. If she smokes....she pokes!
  8. Does it come with a steering wheel?
  9. Thanks for the leads....
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