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  1. AccidentalChef

    huracan "performante" coming

    The video isn't playing back at 25 frames per second, it's playing back at 24. Kind of throws his entire argument out the window if he couldn't even be bothered to check that.
  2. AccidentalChef


    The SCMS chip in DAT (also MiniDisc, DCC and consumer audio CD recorders) did allow duplication, but it did not allow copies of copies. There was nothing (other than time and money) to prevent you from making a thousand copies directly from the original recording. The real problems for DAT were that it cost much more than CD or Casette at the time, didn't perform substantially better than CD (16/48 vs 16/44.1), was less convenient (fast forward and rewind vs nearly instant track skips), and there were almost no commercial recordings available. There was no point in copying your CDs onto DAT, since you didn't have a DAT walkman or DAT player in your car, and your friends probably couldn't play them either. Of course, it did find its niche in the professional recording industry, but once affordable computer CD burners were available, there was little reason for the consumer to consider DAT.
  3. AccidentalChef

    All you film buffs.

    I was at 63 last night also, and just finished this morning. I guessed the TNT barrels correctly last night, but I didn't type it in the way it wanted it. That was a fun way to waste a couple of hours.
  4. AccidentalChef

    Worst Modern Car You've Driven

    Dodge Caliber rental car... it was actually comically bad whenever I tried to get it to change speed or direction. The Prius may not have many redeeming qualities, but it isn't actively, offensively bad like that Dodge was.
  5. AccidentalChef

    Things that make you LOL!

    While I agree that the perks are priceless and he's not underpaid, where do you see the $1m salary? I can't find any source online that says anything but $400k.
  6. AccidentalChef

    Things that make you say DAMN!
  7. AccidentalChef

    AM.S ALpha 16 Takes down Mullet R2 on Kill :)

    Not at the same time, according to your previous post. 1 second difference in cars that do 60-130 in 3 seconds or so is not a small difference. The Gallardo was, without question, about to blow past the GTR when he hit his brakes. If one car gets a 1 second jump and gets to hit the brakes and end the race when he chooses, the results are completely meaningless.
  8. AccidentalChef

    AM.S ALpha 16 Takes down Mullet R2 on Kill :)

    Looks to me like the GTR got the jump and knew he was losing badly, so he hit the brakes right before being passed to pretend he won. Posting a video that was cut off at the point where he was just about to lose the lead from taking the jump doesn't help anything. The Lambo was clearly, significantly faster. The fact that the GTR shut down before he got passed doesn't change a thing. If whoever gets the jump is allowed to hit the brakes and end the race at the time of their choosing, I could beat a Veyron on a bicycle.
  9. AccidentalChef

    I JUST had to do it!!
  10. AccidentalChef

    Quite a P1 review by Chris Harris

    The P1 makes me feel the same way the Countach did when I was a kid. No other car has ever done that.
  11. AccidentalChef

    Looking For: Mercedes 560 SEC AMG

    I see a car that looks a lot like that parked around here sometimes. I'm not sure if it's that exact model or not, but I'll try to find it this week and take some pictures for you.
  12. AccidentalChef

    Faster on land but slower in the air

    The route the plane takes is the shorter (distance and time) route. While a straight line on a flat map looks like the shortest route, a flat map isn't an accurate representation of the spherical Earth. The shortest path between two points on a sphere is called a great circle route. Here's the path your flight took, viewed from a different angle. When you see it on a globe, it's obvious that flying over Hawaii would be a much longer flight.
  13. AccidentalChef

    Component video to hdmi?

    You probably won't get good results taking the HDMI output of the receiver and converting to component. HDMI has copy protection built in which only allows analog cables (including component) to carry standard definition signals. Do you have any cat5e or cat6 cables run between the equipment area and the tv? There are ways to run HDMI over those cables.
  14. AccidentalChef

    HiFi/Highend/Audio Gear

    Zack... Just out of curiosity, what do you think is the best equipment you've heard? Playback, not recording.
  15. AccidentalChef

    Question for the IT guys

    That length is the limit for 10gb ethernet, which certainly isn't in his laptop. Cat6 is good for 100m with any slower ethernet connection. If it were me, I'd try to run a wire. If you can't do that, I'd try a Ubiquiti Unifi outdoor wireless access point and get it as close as possible to the garage. They claim the range is 600 feet, but I'm sure that's line of sight and you'd lose some by going through walls. Here's the link: