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  1. He needs a set of Brixton forged Carbons in dark silver.
  2. Can SP Engineering help somehow?
  3. Oof that's better that I thought. Your renderings are magnificent, Lambocars!
  4. rosso effesto, gold wheels, red interior would do me just fine
  5. I remember when TommyJames invited Sir Mixalot to LP for an exclusive Q&A session. Those were the days.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if a Sian Roadster is in the works. In fact, I'd be more surprised if they DIDNT produce them. btw Your renders look HOT , Lambocars.
  7. damn, haven't seen you in a while on LP, placid! Congrats and welcome back.
  8. Is the wing big enough LOL
  9. Nice! The SVJ logo delete is rare.
  10. I've got a soft spot for the mid early to mid 2000's SL55 and CL55.
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