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  1. The HRE wheels that Allan has on his SV will suit your SV very well.
  2. Luxeous: Congrats! I wonder if these SVJs would look good if the rear wings were colour-matched to the bodies?
  3. I think the rear wheels look like they are a smaller diameter from the angle of the photo because it has a deep dish as well as higher profile tyres.
  4. E7ITE

    Aventador SV-J roadster

    Looks awesome. I thought this was the same colour as on the 6.0SE for a minute.
  5. From Pagani's instagram page, it looks like they'll be showing off something as well. BC Roadster perhaps? Or another Zonda HP Barchetta?
  6. Welcome back Samlambo! I actually remember you posting about this car many years ago. How is it that this car is able to remain in Singapore, I thought all cars above 10 years age had to be "disposed"? I would say a Quicksilver exhaust could be what you're after if you're after the deeper type of sound. Also, how about some spacers for the rear wheels.
  7. And here I was thinking that the Chiron was the most expensive production car. $10m wow.
  8. congratulations on the allocation, VCR! It is good to see you posting again.
  9. E7ITE


    Is this based on a standard Aventador, not an S or an SV?
  10. Alpha6164: Did you ever end up getting the same headers for your Diablo?
  11. Good luck with the sale, Doc Viper. Where in Aus are you based? I suggest that you also post this in the aussieexotics.com forum.
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