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  1. Nice! The SVJ logo delete is rare.
  2. I've got a soft spot for the mid early to mid 2000's SL55 and CL55.
  3. I've always thought that the 63 livery was making an already "fussy" styled car look even more so.
  4. It was RaginBull or Ragingbull, something like that. Was the incident in question the one where he said the Veneno was the fastest road production car in North America and LP members asked for proof?
  5. a lot of wind was knocked out of the sails of LP when the board was down for a long time due to the website upgrade, too.
  6. A throwback to the heydays of LP. Let's bring it back!
  7. Congrats! Yes to the SV decals and what about painting the brake calipers yellow as well?
  8. Allan, dont forget - one thing the S has that the SV does not is the rear wheel steering.
  9. that yellow one in SL55's post is HOT
  10. Has the SVJ reached a point of oversupply though? If there are as many cancellations as people are led to believe then maybe the final production numbers will end up being close to the SV or perhaps even less. Perhaps the ones sitting around on dealership floors are simply poorly specced and therefore not too desirable. We could have a Murcie SV situation happening again where the car was initially "undesirable" and then after several years it becomes a sought-after item.
  11. Welcome and congrats. Is the SV kit OEM?
  12. E7ITE

    SVJ63 roadster?

    A well-specced, standard, SVJ roadster will end up looking better than this.
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