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  1. E7ITE


    I notice that the Sterrato in the video has a roll cage. Do you know if the roll cage can be specced to a Performante, perhaps via Ad Personam?
  2. Toulboux01: are you after power? If so, I'd suggest looking at the long tube headers from Stage 6: https://stage6motorsports.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=45&products_id=202 Alpha6164 picked up close to 100hp after installing the headers and adding an ECU tune.
  3. Someone here on LP was selling an LP640 KSG exhaust just last week.
  4. E7ITE

    Aventador SV-J roadster

    you can spec the A-pillars to CF as well to match a CF roof and CF mirrors.
  5. The HRE wheels that Allan has on his SV will suit your SV very well.
  6. Luxeous: Congrats! I wonder if these SVJs would look good if the rear wings were colour-matched to the bodies?
  7. I think the rear wheels look like they are a smaller diameter from the angle of the photo because it has a deep dish as well as higher profile tyres.
  8. E7ITE

    Aventador SV-J roadster

    Looks awesome. I thought this was the same colour as on the 6.0SE for a minute.
  9. From Pagani's instagram page, it looks like they'll be showing off something as well. BC Roadster perhaps? Or another Zonda HP Barchetta?
  10. Welcome back Samlambo! I actually remember you posting about this car many years ago. How is it that this car is able to remain in Singapore, I thought all cars above 10 years age had to be "disposed"? I would say a Quicksilver exhaust could be what you're after if you're after the deeper type of sound. Also, how about some spacers for the rear wheels.
  11. And here I was thinking that the Chiron was the most expensive production car. $10m wow.
  12. congratulations on the allocation, VCR! It is good to see you posting again.
  13. E7ITE


    Is this based on a standard Aventador, not an S or an SV?
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