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  1. goldroger

    Placeholder thread for the LP770

    I'm only here for the drama
  2. goldroger

    Lamborghini's originality.

    It's not really about being stuck in the past. Some people just like the raw feeling they get from a manual gearbox, loud, rough, high revving, V12 monster that doesn't have nanny systems to stop you from crashing. It's exciting. Don't me get wrong I'm a young tech geek and love the latest and greatest but I'm also in love with machinery and trying tame a beast with skill and hard work is a personal turn on. I can see me liking flappy pedals if it was a D/D but for a fun car nothing will replace stick imo.
  3. goldroger

    Lamborghini's originality.

    Lamborghini isn't unoriginal but it's not anywhere near the craftsmanship and uniqueness of a Pagani. Plus your buying the car from the creator himself when it comes to Pagani. Lamborghini is just a brand and so is Ferrari. The original founder is long dead and many of the people that were working with him are no longer in the company. Basically this is how I would put it. Pagani is like buying Art from the amazing artist himself. Lamborghini is like buying it from an excellent artist who thinks that this is what the original artist would've wanted to create if he was still alive. Both are awesome but there's a reason why Pagani costs so much more.
  4. goldroger

    Lamborghini Asterion

    Looks pretty ugly.... for a lambo
  5. goldroger

    Birkin hermes in LA

    30K for a bag that look meh. Lambo's may be expensive but they look amazing and give you a different experience then cheaper cars. You can't clone them. This bag on the other hand is just like any other bag except it has a premium logo stuck onto it. You can get clones in china for $300 (most likely less) that feel and look exactly the same. It's just competition between women and a way to differentiate from the average. I'm so jelly at that profit margin .
  6. goldroger

    ViTT Murcielago -- Japan

    yee the wing is cool but the front bumper doesn't fit too well....
  7. goldroger

    Who bases their drives on good parking?

    I guess it also depends on where you live. If I had a lambo I'd worry about parking it in many areas of LA.
  8. goldroger

    Playboy Twins.......Before and After...

    Still good stuff
  9. goldroger

    Am I thinking right? New car thread

    Plastic mess-06 convertible lol stupuid rewrite
  10. goldroger

    Marijuana question

    Btw I do agree that one negative side effect is it's potentially addictive but only if you already have an addictive personality. I have a friend who gets addicted to everything and he gets agitated easily when he hasn't smoked for a few days.
  11. goldroger

    Marijuana question

    If we were all drunk it'd be world war 3. If we were high on weed no one would give a shit. It's way better and healthier then alcohol. Vaping is like sucking in air. Has anybody here tried watching psychedelic music on youtube while high? It's pretty crazy lol. I do it with my friends like once a month.
  12. goldroger

    Annoying Lambo owners

    I get more annoyed when I see a 17 year old kid driving an Aventador with a New driver sticker behind his car. Or maby I'm just jelly and I don't know it .
  13. goldroger

    Lamborghini Huracan in Milan

    No I haven't and it's true that I may change my mind. The front has presence, the side looks good, but the rear doesn't feel Lamborghini to me. It could be that I'm just looking for the SL version out of the box haha but even the Huracan in your avatar is modded .
  14. goldroger

    Lamborghini Huracan in Milan

    Man I'm trying to fall in love with this car since I'm a Lamborghini fan but for some reason I'm liking the LP560 better. It's not edgy enough for me and I do get that "baby" feel as well. I'm sure though that the superleggera version will make it look much more epic judging by the work lambocars has done lol.
  15. goldroger

    take your exotic to work?

    I think it depends on where you work but if your employees are blue collar workers making average wage then no. If your the CEO of Google where everyone is making six figure then sure.