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Upgrading Widebody GTT


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So I figured I should post some pictures of this car since I've had it for a couple months and finished a around of upgrades. I purchased the car turn key ready to roll but being that I'm obessive compulsive I couldn't leave great alone and decided I wanted to do some mods. :D


The car was originally built by a very well known member on here (he can chime in if he wants) who ended up with a full Stage 3 Underground Racing TT build. He also changed the following to FULL CABRON parts (front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, rear hatch lid, wide front fenders, wide rear fenders). He spared no expense thats for sure. I just wanted a little different flavor on a couple things.


First thing I did as soon as I got it off the truck was I took FikseGTS who also has a GTT out for a ride. I needed someone to show me how to actually drive this thing properly safe. Which considering I only have a couple hundred miles on it now, I'm still not the best at timing the shifts perfectly and need to drive it some more. Theres a thread of FikseGTS car and this car playing around the other day, I think we will get some better runs next time without anyone getting the hit.


Gianca also manage to meet up with us the first night. After seeing my car on the road, he decided to sell his Superleggera and buy a GTT as well...good job man! :icon_thumleft:


Initially I drove it a couple days and was then ready to throw it on the lift for while I did some mods which took longer than I expected....as usual.



I'm now working on getting some more seat time and some vbox times on Race Gas to see what this thing will actually do.




Mods I did:

-Changed Oil and filter

-Changed Rear Transmission fluid to Redline MTL

-Changed Front Diff fluid to Redline 75w90 Gear Oil

-Changed Springs to newer lighter technology springs 10K front and 12K rear

-Changed Black with Orange Pin Stripe HRE wheels to All Black

-Added 2011 Superleggera Rear Engine Diffuser (I came up with the idea but Gianca cut it to fit my car)

-Changed the Front inner fender liners to some new custom ones I fabricated to give a lot MORE clearance in the front

-Bleed the brakes with ATE Racing Blue Brake Fluid

-Replaced the battery

-Added Expel Clear Bra on: Front bumper, complete fenders, side skirts, rear tire well

-Added OEM Lamborghini Superleggera Carbon Wing and Brake light

-Changed bulps to LED's

-Replaced the Michelin PS2 tires to Michelin Pilot Sport Cup N1 235/35/19 and 315/25/20





The first couple pictures show what it use to look like...











This is how it sits after I got it...





















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Guest SP_Lotta Murci

I like the SL wing over your original one :icon_thumleft: nice job

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Nice work. Were you stiffening it up or softening with the springs.


Also what are the thoughts on the rear undertray, better for aero at high speed? What about cooling?



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Stiffer springs as before it felt like an airplane on the highway if I hit it with a lot of power. I figured out it needs two things, a slight rake to the front so the nose is a little lower and the rear springs need to be stiffer on GTT cars. I honestly could have gone 14K in the rear but this is what other people (SP Engineering) used before.


Rear undertray is definitely better for aero at high speeds. It has a couple NACA ducts in it from the factory which in my case flow towards the rear Diff/Tranny area and exit around the rear diff opening.


Cooling?-I checked with a couple tuners and they said they if they TT a car that has a diffuser like this on it, they put it back on after they TT it. I've logged a little bit of driving in 100-108 degree weather last week in stop and go, driving on the highway, idling, etc...

My coolant temps stay at 90-95 and settle at 90 with the car idling for a minute or so. Keep in mind I have an open mesh hatch to let the heat escape the engine bay as well. Otherwise I've seen stuff breakdown or melt, like the carbon engine panels from high heat. In my opinion these TT cars need to let the heat out as much as possible and I see no downside to this diffuser.

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Cool. I know the older Porsche guys tend to remove the engine trays for heat...they don't have any ducting or the like though and provide no aero benefit.

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Love your mods to the car. Are there any advantages to the Sport Cups compared to Toyo R888s? I'd say the majority of the TTGs that I've seen run R888s

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Heat rises so I'm not worried about the bottom opening helping at all. Every single car high end sports car I've had has had a flat bottom including the Gallardo but Lambo didn't add this piece until sometime during the new LP chassis so that's why I modified it.


I used the sport cups as I love Michelin and they hook great but not cheap= $2k The car had Some custom center lug HRE wheels in 19/20 setup so instead of making custom wheels again I just wanted to try to see if this setup would work, and it seems to.

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New wing looks awesome! I think I see some orange leather peaking out at us...any chance of some interior shots?

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Car looks great; really like the changes you've made. Glad to see the springs worked well for you; it has perfect stance now.

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New wing looks awesome! I think I see some orange leather peaking out at us...any chance of some interior shots?

The interior is pretty cool as its a 06 Gallardo SE so its Suede, perforated black leather and orange leather wrapped from the factory. I'm working on some new suede carbon fiber seats as well soon.


Looks great! You should go with a SuperTrofeo reardecklid :icon_thumleft:

It actually has a Carbon Fiber SuperLeggera Rear hatch with mesh replacing the plexiglass. The mesh matches the Lamborghini hexagon pattern as well. See picture below. It allows the heat to escape pretty good I thought. :icon_thumleft:




So this weekend I decided to put in this GROM VAG-D unit ($70) It allows a Ipod/Iphone to play through the CD changer. They really didn't know if it was going to work on a Lambo but luckily Gianca a buddy of mine had tried it before and knew it would work on a Gallardo.


Short install instructions:


1-Pry up on center console from rear with soft plastic tool or plastic knife

2-Unplug electrical connections on center console

3-Pull straight back on lower left and right side of piece around A/C, it just pops out with a couple of clips.

4-Pull straight back on center electrical unit below the radio, pull hard and firm. It just pops out with a couple of clips.

5-Get 4 audi radio keys, pop them in the 4 corners of the radio where there is a little slot. Reach your hand from the bottom of the radio and push straight out.

6-DO NOT UNPLUG RADIO except for BLUE plug which is the CD changer in the back of the radio

7-Run the wires for the GROM unit behind the radio out by the center console, plug in the GROM unit into where the BLUE plug use to go.

8-Ground the GROM unit to the radio with one of the factory phillips screw on the back of the radio by unscrewing, wrapping the little black wire and screwing back in the little screw to the back of the radio.

9-3M double sticky tape on the back of the GROM unit and push it on top of the black rubber under the center console


I originally bought the unit with an option for a 3.5mm AUX input to use on any phone but I decided to buy the Iphone cord for an additional $25 or so. I bought an additional blutooth adapter from GROM as well ($50), its so sick!! It plays music over bluetooth and is a handsfree phone system through the factory radio. Basically I can leave the phone plugged in and it works or leave it in my pocket and it works the same as well. It came with a microphone which I mounted next to the radio for a quick install as I was running out of time. When I hardwire the radar detector through the headliner, I'll run the microphone to the top of the windshield as well.


This is probably the cheapest most effective modification on the car and can be done in 15-20 minutes if your good.









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I put in a Factory OEM Lamborghini Fire Extingusher since stuff gets pretty hot in the back with twin turbos spitting out flames, lol. It was pretty easy by just removing the rear panel behind the seats, took some measurements from another Superleggera that had a OEM fire extingusher in it, bought some stainless bolts and nuts, drilled holes, done. Let me know what you think.








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How to install Carbon Fiber Center Console and E-Gear cover in Lamborghini Gallardo


1. Use a small pick and lift straight up in the rear corners being careful not to cut anything (see picture)

2. Disconnect the plugs under the center console and remove from car.

3. Use a pick and unclip the electronic controls from console.

4. Unscrew the E-gear cover with an allen key or hex torx key.

5. Reinstall the same way



Reason for mod: More carbon fiber bling of course…













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How to install 2012 Lamborghini Superleggera Carbon fiber Steering wheel


1-Disconnect the battery with 13mm

2-Put key in ignition and turn the steering wheel 90 degrees

3-Torx wrench and loosen the 2 bolts holding the airbag in place, 1 will be at the top and and will be at the bottom now.

4-Disconnect airbag and put aside

5-Turn wheel back 90 degrees so its facing street now

6-T55 Torx adapter on ½ socket wrench to loosen center bolt on steering wheel

7-Wiggle steering wheel off the column and be sure to mark the center of the wheel on the steering column together. Some wheels have a line in the middle and some don’t.

8-Put the new steering wheel on lining up the middle line in the steering wheel and the line previously marked on the steering column.

9-Tighten center bolt with T55 torx.

10-Turn steering wheel 90 degrees and put in the airbag with 2 torx bolts.



Reason for mod: My 2006 had an older version which was a thinner steering wheel on it. I thought the feeling of a thicker, newer steering wheel from a 2012 Lamborghini Superleggera finished in Black Suede and carbon fiber would look nice to match the rest of suede and carbon fiber in the car.














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