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First time I pulled a Lambo Trifecta

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Hello everyone,,

For the first time ever, I drove all three of my cars to back to back, on the same roads to get a better idea of their differences.


Started with the Countach. It truly is such a unique car to drive. There really is nothing else quite like it. All this horseshit printed through out the years of how its hard to drive, cant see out of it, uncomfortable blah blah blah. Im 6ft, over 200lbs, and fit fine. My head doesn't hit the roof like many claimed, and my knees don't straddle the steering wheel. My size 12 sneakers do just fine with the offset pedals. At slow speeds the steering certainly requires effort, the shifter is the heaviest I've experienced in any car. All of this adds to the character of the car. The power is still entertaining by today's standards. Biggest downside is the brakes. They are terrible. Out on the open roads the car really comes into its own. The faster you go, the better it feels. Its shocking just how well it goes through the canyons.


Moving from the Countach to the Diablo, the experience is night and day. There is a HUGE jump in usability , performance, comfort etc. The jump from Countach to Diablo is far more extreme than the jump from Diablo to Murcielago. The Diablo's ice cold a/c, the windows that roll down fully, power steering, abs etc make for a much much easier car to drive. The Countach sounds amazing, but the Diablo is next level. The early Diablos, with no power steering, abs etc are closer to the Countach in drive. Their brakes are absolutely terrible, steering effort required is high, but the shift effort is much easier. The later Diablos are simply night and day to the Countach.


Moving from Diablo to Murcielago, the difference is somewhat disappointing. You don't get that night and day difference in feel. Maybe the difference is soo much more extreme since its basicly a 20 year design difference from Countach to Diablo, while its 10 from Diablo to Murcielago. The clutch effort in the Murcielago feels like a honda compared to the Diablo, and non existent compared to the Countach. I actually prefer the heavier feeling clutches. The Countach maybe a touch to hard, but the Diablo is downright perfect. Steering feel is another area where the Murcielago is a step back from the Diablo. The Diablo feels perfectly weighed, while the Murcielago just requires more input and effort due to the AWD. The Countach steering feels better than the Murcielago at speed, unless you're going through tight twisties which is an arm workout to say the least. The Murcielagos brakes are a touch better than the Diablo, and of course infinitely better than the Countach's scary brakes. Performance wise, with the mods I've done my Murcielago is faster than my Diablo. The Diablo just always needs to be in its sweet spot, while the Murcielago, even though it shares the same long gears just comes on cam quicker, and you can shift the Murcielago slightly faster than you can the Diablo. The noise from the Murcielago is also not as good as the Diablo, but that comes down to different exhaust systems. The Murcielago hides its weight well, and doesn't feel any less maneuverable or agile than the Diablo. The awd gives me more confidence going fast through the corners. The Murcielagos build quality is slightly better than the Diablos visually, but oddly enough, it makes much more creaking type of noise. By creaking I mean when going up inclines into gas stations from the suspension, or the creaking you hear from leather interior pieces rubbing on other pieces, like say the seat against the center console. The Countach has none of this.


Hard to pick a winner out of the three, even though the Murcielago inmo is the clear loser. Visually its inmo, the least striking of the three, and its just not the technological jump from the Diablo you'd hope it would be. I still love the car, but if one had to go, this would be it. The Countach and Diablo, are very difficult for me to pick a favorite. Emotionally Id say the Countach is the winner, while from a driving standpoint the Diablo wins.



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Good one.  Looks like from his post history he just copies long time members. Wonder what the point was. Then to copy Allan's post. haha 

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18 hours ago, Destructo said:

I figured you were 'Pierre Delecto' with this one Mitt :lol2:

This comment had me in stitches. But seriously, what are people thinking when they do stiff like this? WHY?:eusa_wall:

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