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  1. escobar

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    Not sure why all the hate for Shmee? He's genuinely passionate about the cars and has gotten himself to a place where he can afford his own and sharing that with his fanbase.
  2. escobar

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    Are you really surprised though? People will do a lot worse for money (attention = likes = sweet sweet advertising $) Makes me cringe .. but this is the new norm (for now). No worse than this fcuking clown:
  3. escobar

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    Elvis, Beatles, Madonna, MTV, Myspace, Facebook, Snapchat/Instagram/Tinder.... ???
  4. escobar

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    People were saying that 10-15 years ago when Youtube was becoming a thing. This "crumbled" new society It's the new norm, unfortunately.
  5. +1 From the narrator in the video he was doing runs all day and taking passengers (charity perhaps?) and almost hit the barrier on the previous run. Feel bad for the guy... plastered all over social media. People make mistakes...
  6. +1 for Shopify as being the easiest one stop shop.
  7. escobar

    Stock Picks - Post Your Stock Picks

    NVDA $248.80 Shopify $178.55 (CAD)
  8. escobar

    Any Apple Connections?

    FYI Apple's refurbished program is excellent. Once got the macbook pro for a few hundred bucks off - the unit was pretty much brand new and on it's third charge cycle. According to the counter staff, any unit that has been opened and turned on is considered used if returned .. even a few minutes later.
  9. escobar

    Kim Jong Un

    lil Rocketman acts up as usual. Big Egoman says enough. lil Rocketman pipes down. /story.
  10. escobar

    Is it time for a break-up??????

    FTFY I agree to an extent. There is a lot of good things about it (Facebook), however Zuckerberg knew exactly what he wanted to do with Facebook from the very beginning and that was to exploit people's tendency to give away their personal thoughts / data to the masses. This was from the early day's at Facebook @ Harvard (back when it was only open to Colleges IIRC) Even before the days of Facebook, there seemed to be a sense of accomplishment with getting the top rated comment (Youtube, Reddit, forums), or the most amount of friends (MySpace etc.), most likes (Instagram, Imgur, tumbler) etc. Even though there wasn't any monetary gain, people got a sense of accomplishment / reward for this behavior which leads to a collective hive mind - Reddit is a great example of this. People are dumber than a bag of bricks. Regulation is a necessity to save them from themselves. Color me surprised:
  11. escobar

    John Cena Is A G

  12. escobar

    Anyone looking at investing in Facebook Stocks?

    I wish I could see another 20-30% in 24 months, but I think at almost a $150B market cap, it's not going move that quickly anymore. I do love Shopify though.
  13. escobar

    Anyone looking at investing in Facebook Stocks?

    As you might recall I started buying NVDA after you mentioned it way back in July '15 and have been adding to my position on the pullbacks since. The stock is undoubtedly overinflated but I am still bullish on the long-term prospects. That said, I've taken some off the table recently. Nvidia has a lot more sources of revenue than crypto; I think when crypto falls it will hurt AMD much more.
  14. escobar

    They ruined a Huracan, for this?!

    Lancia Statos comes to mind
  15. escobar

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    Sounds like you're playing roulette without the free casino drinks.