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  1. Don't worry, Kerplop, I got you on this. Here's what I'm gonna do, I'll get the lighter fluid, you get the 10 naked womenz. Those cam covers look so NICE. Looks great, man! I like the pic of you and the machinist together, because I can really see the pride in yall's faces.
  2. I think it looks interesting. I've never been a fan of that diamond pattern stitching for interiors, but aside from that; I like it?
  3. Can you make a spacer to make up the difference, or is it just really negligible? Seems negligible to me.
  4. Soooo, what's the plan for the Datsun? Restore, mod, swap? What's the story on that, how'd you get a hold of it? Old car stories are great
  5. Sweet, finally here's my one & only chance to officially get a Lambo Owner title under my avatar!! Black leather seat with green citura stitching, a Verde Ithaca body and repainted white wheels would look pretty good. I knew my day would come! $4,000, what a steal! Y'know, being in Texas I could take this to the local car meets since tractors can legally drive on the roads here.
  6. Am I the only one who thought this funny. Last name spindle, and you're a car enthusiast, eh, eh, eh. Okay, I'll pipe down now. Cool news. I think you already mentioned which race you'll be aiming for, right.
  7. The updated Urraco wheels look nice, especially the polished look to them. I was going to ask if they were custom made, but with a second look they definitely don't look stock. The front and rear offset is keen too. Are the headers equal length? Do you have anymore photos of them? The routing looks funny. Almost like some of the exhaust is dumping from the middle of the V. Ohh, and I'm really keen on the trans case's contrast between the case and ribbs/supports. Black and polished is cool. I think old cars need more polish of shiny metal, it's what helps give that old car feel. Why is the inte
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