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  1. Or he can just give all branded merchandise to Andrew lol. Supercars of Florida did response to the situation pretty quick, at least you did this adjustment now and not later, as you may never know you might of worked very hard for your branding, then it can all go to waste. The right time to change is now.
  2. The guy jumping on to the SV is a total joke! And how the SV owner handled the asshole was normal really - he stopped him from jumping on his car and layed him on the floor to not do another stupid act. And for the asshole's acting skills it's the worst I've ever seen - his trying his luck. His lucky it wasn't me would of jammed his body in the SV wing and drove off.
  3. Dib


    Dilusha, not a very smart first few posts. This is your first impression to the forum make it a positive one. Share your passion with us of the "fighting bull".
  4. Dib

    Lambo girls NSFW

    What "Lambo" ? I only see "girls"
  5. Lambo128 very inspiring - keep up the good work.
  6. Congratulations Turbogallardo, enjoy in the best of health.
  7. Very happy for you! Very nice story
  8. If he installs two more seats for passengers on each side it would be Perfect! Mclaren F1 style
  9. "It was at 59!" I'm with the little man - I swear it was at 59mph when he grab it! Great entertainment LOL Thanks for sharing
  10. Something with equal value to a Lambo. We can all jump on his house roof
  11. Your doing great work alpha! I wish I had this offer when I was a teen - real motivator for me. I'm one of those that exotic cars motivated me to work hard. I remember when I got my first car worth $1,000, and pretending it had egear by shifting an invisible paddle and making a V12 sound with my mouth lol! The $1,000 car was used for my business that I still operate today. I'm blessed to say the business has grown through out the years, and experiencing business success in my early twenties. Here is the funny thing my priorities change as the desire for an exotic car changed for me as it became achievable. Instead after getting my house, and generated enough to buy an exotic. I helped out my mum get out of her work, and invested in a property for my kids in the future (don't even have a gf or wife yet lol). These things give me pleasure at the moment. Now my goal is to enjoy an exotic with my kids one day. If I get one now I might injur myself - I'll just wait when I become older and wiser lol! I would of most likely not worked so hard towards my goals with out the desire to own a Lamborghini. Keep up the good work Alpha! You will have your audience that a Lamborghini will be needed to ignite the initial spark towards achieving their goals.
  12. Dib

    Rhyno's new house

    No joke with rhyno. Snow or no snow the house will be built - keep up the great progress!
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