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  1. Wow, I think it went for just over a million when RM Sotheby's auctioned it in December '15.
  2. Reventon. It has the best iteration of arguably the best-sounding V12 of all-time and the Roadster is the closest thing to a factory LP670 Roadster we'll get.
  3. Hi Joe! Yours is still the "unicorn" 640 for me - Monterey Blue and gated! Great list by the way, Ed.
  4. When I was in Europe, everyone says "Sent-a-nario." Here, everyone says "Chent." True Italian reads "Chent," as far as I've known.
  5. Wow, hope nobody was hurt. Honestly, I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.
  6. Those are my feelings re: Top Gear USA. Stop trying to be the old Top Gear UK.
  7. Depreciated asset vs. depreciating asset. I know which one drives better but I also know which sounds better.
  8. Hats off to you, that is a tremendous idea. Maybe someday one of your patients that you've inspired will buy an exotic off you.
  9. You can't judge his designs with Porsches as to what he will be asked to do for Lamborghini. Apples to oranges.
  10. Only car that might be close is the P1. I get the sense that kids today are as crazy for the P1 as kids were about the Countach at the time.
  11. Met him at the NYIAS last week at the Koenigsegg stand. Surprise, surprise! I can't say I blame him -- the Regera is possibly the most fascinating and one of the best looking cars of the century so far.
  12. The only Rosso Andromeda SV... very sad to see it wrecked.
  13. Wow, that exact car was for sale privately for a bargain $7.5M last year.
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