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  1. That car was for sale for a very loooong time. Do you know that it definitely sold? Or was it just taken off sale?
  2. TSS

    SE30 Jota

    I don't know for sure, the advert says "has been completely restored by the factory and has a totally original specification" If that interior really is original specification (I think it may well be apart from the gear knob which used to be black), you wouldn't want to remove it. But could you live with it? The exhaust doesn't look very OEM. And it's a shame somebody's cut through the carbon storage box behind the driver's seat to fit a speaker. I guess that could be replaced though. Still, I don't disagree that it's a good price; just I personally couldn't buy a car in that colour scheme. If the car was in 30 purple I think it would have sold by now.
  3. TSS

    SE30 Jota

    And that was in about October 2013; the market has gone up a lot since then. If this Jota wasn't such a funny colour scheme it'd be snapped up by now at £300K.
  4. TSS

    RM Countach!

    Diablo’s are the last of the totally crazy pre-Audi Lambos. Less than 3,000 produced versus almost 4,000 Murcielagos. Their time will come. GT’s and SE30’s will be first IMHO. Diablo prices in the UK are already on the move.
  5. I don't just travel at low speed, but Albert is completely right. I get my carbs tuned at least once a year by Roberto Grimaldi at Grimaldi Engineering. It makes a big difference to the enjoyment of the car when the carbs are just right, especially when driving in traffic. Grimaldi also tunes them with just a screwdriver and his ears.
  6. A GTR makes a fantastic daily driver. Mine is a mere 600BHP and is silly fast, but with adjustable mapping you can put it into “economy” mode and your granny could take it shopping. If I’m in a hurry I'd take the GTR; but if I want to really enjoy driving the Countach is much more fun!
  7. The video Allan-Herbie posted was at Rockingham. This is about something at Castle Combe. Maybe a Countach beat a Ferrari at Castle Combe too…
  8. The manual for my Anniversary says: For running at speeds up to 260kph (160mph) 2.6 bar (38psi) front 2.8 bar (40.5 psi) rear For running at speeds in excess of 260kph (160mph) 2.8 bar (40.5 psi) front 3.0 bar (43.5 psi) rear I tend to run at the lower figures as I rarely go over 160mph for more than a few seconds and at the higher pressures the ride is too hard.
  9. Hi Chad, Mine are beyond re-use apparently due to the cracks. They are with a calliper rebuild specialist at the moment. My Lambo specialist is talking to a classic BMW expert friend of his so is hopeful we may be able to source some over here. If not I’ll be in touch. Thanks TSS
  10. Thanks for the replies everybody. The originals on my Anniversary only have one feed to them, the fronts are different to the rears and they have spacers on them. The guy who looks after my car thinks they are off an E28 BMW M5, but can anybody confirm this? Maybe Lambo bought direct from ATE when they could and then as Peter K suggests bought BMW when they needed to?? Initial investigations suggest that BMW might want the same price as Lamborghini for these parts. I would only buy originals not copied parts as I’ve had trouble with non-original copies of brake components on another vehicle.
  11. Hi topcarbon, I have thought about upgrading the brakes but I do want to try and keep the car standard. I need to investigate options on this a bit more. Does anybody know if anybody does an upgrade kit? Hi Albert LP, They are available from Lamborghini and you are right on the price. I just think circa 600 Euros is a lot for one brake calliper! And I need three of them. Regards, TSS
  12. Hi, Can anybody tell me which car the brake callipers on a 1989 Anniversary are off or where I can get some? I doubt Lamborghini had them specially made. I have just found out that 3 of mine are cracked and the price from Lamborghini is eyewatering! Thanks in advance, TSS
  13. Thanks, I know, mine used to be jumped. I have just swapped the dash light bulbs for LED’s as recommended by some posters on here a while ago, so now it would be nice to have a working dimmer switch. TSS
  14. The dash dimmer rheostat on my 1989 Anniversary has burned out. It’s part number 18 on this diagram: http://www.eurospares.co.uk/parttablePopup4.asp?ID=1549658 Can anybody tell me which car this originally came from so I can get a new one? Or anywhere selling them at a sensible price? I think it may be from a Fiat. Thanks in advance, TSS
  15. TSS

    Alpine stereo

    My UK 1989 Anniversary came with an Alpine 7385L. But it has been suggested that Lamborghini just put in whatever they could get cheap from Alpine at the time so different cars built at the same time may have had different radios.
  16. Thanks for the lead on that Jalpa_Mike, good work tracking it down. I just bought one and it arrived in 48hours! Bear in mind though anybody else buying. I don’t think these are new. The one I got has definitely been fitted and used before. TSS
  17. I bought a pair (2 years ago) of front Pirellis from my local National Tyres & Autocare - http://www.national.co.uk National are apparently official Pirelli agents. Maybe they can still get some. Mine were literally half the price Longstone wanted.
  18. TSS

    I need struts

    Assuming it’s not suspension… Stabilus (www.stabilus.com) do the door and other struts for the Countach (certainly some of the later models). When I needed a new boot strut I took down the number off the strut and bought one from my local Stabilus supplier. It was A LOT cheaper than from Lamborghini or eurospares.
  19. TSS

    Mirror Switch

    Thanks for posting. My mirror switch is useless and I need to fix it.
  20. Speak to these guys: http://www.speedograph-richfield.com They built a converter gearbox that goes in the speedo cable for my Countach. It’s mounted in the front wing just above where the cable comes in from the front hub. Cost was about £100 and I fitted it myself. I used to have the same massive over-reading problem. Now when my speedo reads 140mph my GPS reads 138mph which is pretty accurate.
  21. TSS

    fuel pump

    I got new fuel pumps for my Countach from this company: http://www.fuelsystem.co.uk/ They seem to do pumps for pretty much everything and were massively cheaper than Lamborghini so could be worth a try. Chances are that Lamborghini used standard pumps from another manufacturer.
  22. Hi johnmh, thanks for the diagram. My car is a RHD Anniversary and the master cylinders for the clutch and the brakes are both on the RH side as well so linkage is direct. I think they changed this on the Anniversary model whereas previous models had a connection rod system. Anyway, I took it down to a local garage just now who have a some experience on Ferrari’s, Porches, etc. We had a good look at the throw out bearing with a borescope and that all looked good, as did the hydraulic system. We’re 95% sure the problem is the Clutch Return Spring (part no. 61 on the diagram) has broken or become disconnected and is moving around and intermittently jamming the pedal. From what we could see it didn’t seem to be properly attached to the pedal assembly. So quite a relief it that it probably isn’t anything more serious and should cost much to fix! Thanks everybody for your help and ideas.
  23. Thanks Vic. Looks like I need to call my local friendly garage and borrow thier ramp.
  24. I’ve just spent an hour crawling about the car. There is no tin of soup or anything else that could be getting stuck under the pedal. The pedal mechanism all seems tight and together with nothing in the vicinity which could jam it. The slave cylinder mechanism seems good too - I used a remote camera to see what that was doing while I sat in the driver’s seat and depressed the clutch. I must have pressed the clutch pedal about 30 times whilst I was looking at everything and it felt normal every time. I’m going to have to take the car out again and see if I can replicate the problem. Hopefully I won’t be able to! Does anybody know if it’s possible to see inside the bell housing with a borescope or something?
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