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  1. Rouleur

    Naples Motorsports

    Known Todd for a million years. He has really nice cars, really unique and hard to find stuff as well. He asks all the money, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to grind on price, it isn't the place to go. If you want a really nice car, and are willing to pay for it, great place to go.
  2. Rouleur

    N/A V12 Brinksmanship

    I don't personally think either of them dumps the platform. I think they will always have a flagship car that dons the V12, I mean Lambo didn't even dump the ISR gearbox in favor of the much more desirable dual clutch. It's their DNA.
  3. Rouleur

    LamboPower Sales Listing Policies

    So, if a member has a different brand of car, it cannot be sold in the classifieds section? We have many members that have sold other cars on the forum to other members.
  4. Rouleur

    Sergio Marchionne Dead

    I thought I read today that he had cancer?
  5. Rouleur

    Twins always wanted a matching set

    Did you wrap or pain the chrome? Specifically the door handles. Car looks amazing.
  6. Rouleur

    Twins always wanted a matching set

    Water on the brain bro. fcuk.
  7. Rouleur

    Twins always wanted a matching set

    That Dawn!!! Love Nardo Grey.
  8. Rouleur

    Please help me by voting for my company

    Same as Fortis. I registered and everything, but it didn't give me vote confirm.
  9. I am curious, what is the private party requirement?
  10. Rouleur

    Will a bolt on TT Huracan take a 720s?

    I love that we have to compare a 720S to a modded Huracan with 150 more HP. Wonder what would happen if they tuned a 720S. I guess we will see when they come out with the LT version of it someday.
  11. Rouleur

    Self employed / heath insurance

    Bill, if you're not too busy, can you elaborate on the HSA? Sounds like an interesting idea. C
  12. Rouleur

    Self employed / heath insurance

    You're kinda screwed. That said, were you on Piuma Rd last week?
  13. Rouleur

    FS: 2015 Jaguar F Type R

    Love that car. so much car for the money.
  14. Rouleur

    Steering wheel wrap

    Hey guys, I know a few years ago we had a big thread about wrapping steering wheels, doing carbon overlays, adding alcantara, et al. I need to get a steering wheel redone for a guy on a 720S, and he wants it wrapped in suede. ANyone that has had a wheel done, can you post up the person you used (of course only if you were happy with them). Chris