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  1. bWiLKINS

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    The LP640 gets four thumbs up.
  2. bWiLKINS

    New track tool

    Man I normally hate Vettes and never pay attention to them but that thing looks pretty damn cool. I hate to say it but it might even be cooler than the ACR Vipers. I kind of really want one now.
  3. bWiLKINS

    SV X 3

    Ugh gimme that black Murci!
  4. Looks like a perfect street car to me! Price is very fair too!
  5. bWiLKINS

    2018 Range Rover LWB - arrived yesterday

    Very nice! I just bought a '13 SWB Supercharged and love it. I do like how much nicer the displays are in the dash on yours though, thats a big improvement. Great buy!
  6. bWiLKINS

    Ace's Movie Reviewz - Black Panther

    Well in my opinion though, the majority of it does make sense based on the fictional reality it is set in. You were nitpicking stuff about Kilmonger and his SEAL behaviours (or not) but 99.9% of the people that are watching the movie have no idea what the mindset of someone who has been trained to be like him would really be anyway. I'm just saying that maybe the nitpicking on the details went a little too far considering the overall context and general audience of the movie.
  7. bWiLKINS

    Ace's Movie Reviewz - Black Panther

    Do you think maybe you guys are overthinking this movie just slightly? Its a superhero movie based on a comic. Comics are fantasy, it doesnt and really shouldnt always make perfect sense, thats kind of the goal of the medium in general wouldnt you say?
  8. bWiLKINS

    My Bugatti Chiron has arrived

    Great purchase and I love that you actually drive what you buy instead of buying it just for bragging rights or to look at. Very cool.
  9. bWiLKINS

    My Bugatti Chiron has arrived

    Best colour, so nice to see it in black. What interior colour?
  10. At least the wheels arent red on the Veyron but that one still looks questionable at best.
  11. Whoever ordered that Chrion in that colour scheme should have their eyes checked.
  12. bWiLKINS

    Guess she didnt have to linger

    Really too bad actually. Awfully young as well.
  13. bWiLKINS

    HiFi/Highend/Audio Gear

    Went to my local Hifi store at lunch time, tried a bunch of headphones and those Sennheiser HD650s are by far the best from what I tried. Going to go with those for sure, I can see why you like them so much. The sales guy mentioned that NAD has just launched this 3020V2 which has a built in phono as well so I can use a turntable (I have a large vinyl collection) so I am going go with that one over the Cambridge audio I think: Now I just need to decide if I need to add an amp in the system for some extra power, still not sure what to do there or if I even need it. Might start with just the headphones and the NAD unit and add the amp later if needed.
  14. bWiLKINS

    HiFi/Highend/Audio Gear

    ^^^^^Got a suggestion for a more mid-level amp than the Roma to go with the Cambridge Audio DAC Magic unit? And any suggestions on mid-level (quality but not astronimcal price) headphones as well? I am looking to create a basic system in my bedroom that I can use for just headphones that has quality sound. Would not be using or adding any speakers to this set up as I have an existing system already in the main area of the house however I have a young son and would like to enjoy quality audio at night without disturbing his (or anyone else's) sleep, hence the need for headphones.
  15. bWiLKINS

    1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV

    Personally I think it looks awesome. A much needed update to the dated looking areas of the original Diablo design. I think the wheels look great on there too.