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  1. all great people and Hersch from RSC is part of this..
  2. nice man! different in what way??
  3. that's exactly what I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. that would be awesome! please share if you can! TY
  5. I haven't heard any talk about an SVJ exhaust from anyone? this will be the first thing I do when mine comes in. has anyone heard of a company making exhaust yet?
  6. SVJ just looks the part!!
  7. my old SV-R in BC with dark bronze cor wheels..
  8. loving the launch color! but so undecided on my own color.. for some reason loving the mattes now on the SVJ-R!
  9. unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now what color lol
  10. IMO this car is the best bang for the buck right now! insanity!
  11. nice! ballstein FTW!!!! chips are out, 3k for 100hp!
  12. Huracán Performante! https://blog.dupontregistry.com/celebrity-cars/jeremy-clarkson-picks-car-of-the-year-2018/
  13. im 5,10 185+ and hit my head over 50 times lol with a helmet on its game over
  14. even better in person!! best spec Urus to date!
  15. IMO, take the $400 that was already raised on GoFundMe and lets start a "get lambocars to 19' car week" account with that money today! that would be the right thing to do and we can all kick in a few bucks! with $400 to start we will get him to Cali next year! I personally would love to see this!
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